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  1. Hey EMC,

    I was thinking and I had an idea with the anvils...

    Do you have those tools where when you repair them they are now stuck at 39 levels? This suggestion will help with that...

    So there is the normal repair as we can see below:

    This is the repair that would be normal as it is now, and not change.

    But then with this way:

    This would be setup, so you would pay say 45 levels, and this would basically put the enchants on a whole new item, thus allowing all the history to reset on that tool and allowing the levels to start over at 7 again.

    This would help many as I myself have a DC of many tools stuck at 39 levels, and I hate using them as I don't want to pay 39 levels every time.

    Any Suggestions or thoughts? Post below...
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  2. Although selfishly I agree with the above suggestion, this would more or less crash the enchanted market in short time.

    There may be another set of trades which could be suggested which would even out the repair vs. replace playing field, but with the above noted method, I see no reason to ever need to replace tools again.Even with the voters gear being Unbreakable, the enchantments provided are still not OP enough to completely rule out player made gear.

    It may be possible that Mending will rule out most, if not all of the points in this conversation out anyway. If not, I hope to see more options presented which would possibly drive a "Trade In" to vendors market for the lvl 39 tools, therefore opening up another facet of income.

  3. -1
    I see no need for this. You can get a new tool or fix with with the upcoming mending.
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