[Suggestion] Token/Rupee Exchange

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Is this a good idea?

Yes 0 vote(s) 0.0%
No 3 vote(s) 42.9%
I don't know 2 vote(s) 28.6%
I would change a few things. (Comment below please) 2 vote(s) 28.6%
  1. I believe we should be able to exchange our rupees for tokens and vice versa. Obviously 1 rupee would not equal 1 token but if we go by the basic voting reward with 0 bonus, it is 100r and 10 tokens per vote. That means it is 1 token for every 10 rupees. So basically, you would give up 10 rupees and you would receive that one token. This would allow people to change their residence biomes easier and would also allow people for funds that they basically have waiting in tokens, which are currently useless.

    *Numbers can be changed.*
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  2. no, theres a few reasons for this but the main one is its supposed to be a separate economy not based on how many ruppees one has or vice versa. if this was implemented it would be after all the services the tokens are supposed to pay for are implemented
  3. Tokens are not intended to be a purchasable item, they are meant to be earned and redeemed yourself (hence why you cannot send them to other players). We will not be establishing any set exchange for them to be converted to rupees or vice versa. They do not have and should not have a monetary value.

    Currently, tokens are used for biome changes and in the past, they were used to purchase an exclusive Avalauncher item. More things are coming and you will want to have them saved up.
  4. I definitely don't think tokens and rupees should be interchangeable, with a set exchange rate, because then there would be no reason to have the two currencies; they'd effectively be the same thing. The point of tokens is that they are obtainable only in certain ways, and can/will be spent on things you can't get with rupees.

    However, thinking about it now, I could actually see it being possible to exchange tokens for rupees, but not the other way around. This way, if you don't care about the things tokens can buy, and you need rupees, you can just funnel your token income into lots of rupees. Of course, the things tokens can/will buy are very nice, so it will be a definite trade-off, especially since you don't know what new things will be available for token-purchase in the future.

    I don't think this would devalue tokens or ruin their purpose; in fact, it may even make tokens more precious, since this would serve as a sort of token sink. Anyway I'm sure there are problems with even that idea I haven't thought of (there always are :p), but it popped into my head and I have a keyboard in front of me, so there you go.
  5. I am going to deviate from the norm here for a bit. I would support a token --> rupee exchange, but not a rupee --> token exchange. Tokens are meant to be a specialized currency, with exclusive features. I suspect that tokens will never reach the level of usability that rupees have, both with ways to obtain them and ways to use them. One has to put much more work into obtaining tokens than they do for rupees. I think that if they want to throw that work away for a measly exchange rate (ie one token gets you five rupees), then they should have a right to do so. But, players shouldn't be able to directly skip out on work just because they have deep pockets, so I don't think people should be able to buy tokens in any way.
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  6. I suppose I've been a little negative towards recent suggestions as of late, but yah. Although most has already been said I'm still responding because I think it's only fair to share why you don't agree. I just don't like saying "no" without reasoning.

    So having said that: I think it would take away an important personal but also unique gaming element. Empire Minecraft is one of the few (if not only) economy server(s) where money can't always buy you everything. Which I consider to be quite unique. You actually have to work and undertake effort to gain the privileges which tokens can give you.

    And trust me: I can really understand why you'd want something like this. For example; I know of situations where someone used an alt account to set up a series of residences, then wanted / needed a biome change and suddenly realized that his alt character didn't have enough tokens to pay for it. And I can very well understand that running into such a scenario can be a very unpleasant surprise.

    But isn't that part of a game? Having to deal with the ups and downs?

    Just my two cents, sure, but if you take away the need to put in a bit of effort into accomplishing something, wouldn't it be fair to say that you're also taking away the drive or motivation for playing that game in the first place?

    And yes, I admit that it's easy for me to say. I think I have approx. 40k tokens at the moment and it's slowly increasing. But trust me: I've been there when EMC introduced the ava launcher and I too was a little disappointed that I couldn't afford it back then. Even more so later because I didn't like the idea of spending rupees on it either (I'm not really into collecting promo items).

    But, and I know it sounds clichéd (but it's true!); when I actually won an ava launcher some time ago that previous period of disappointment made actually winning one all the more special to me. I still have it, and I also refuse to sell it because it's special to me.

    And despite being a little negative towards a suggestion once more I honestly think that being allowed to exchange tokens for rupee's would seriously undermine this aspect of the game. And I don't think that's for the better. Some things should remain special.

    In my opinion of course.

    And as I've said more often: please don't let the fact that some people hold a different opinion than yours discourage you to make more suggestions in the future. I know it could seem a little negative right now, that's really not what people are after. Just saying because of the fact that a majority of comments seems against the idea. And yah, I've also been there myself ;)
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