[Suggestion] Toggle Beacon Effect

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  1. I was thinking that there should be a res flag like "/res set beacon_effect (true, false, or remove)". As when I am trying to build something and my neighbors beacon keeps on messing me up. Or for the people who just want the beacon for decoration. Let me know what you think below, should this be added... or nah?
  2. +1
    EDIT: First!
  3. Search before posting pl0x.

    I believe there IS a flag for this. "buffs". It is only available for certain residences like mob arena I believe, I think it is still being worked on.
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  5. So what I said?
  6. That + an inclusion of known bugs.
  7. + its available for everyone, not only for "certain residences"
  8. I did include that :)
  9. All in all, there IS a buffs flag. It is available on all residence and includes various bugs
  10. That meant, literally, the word "plus"
  11. When you mean by that it does not effect res owners and player with the admin flag set to true right, you're right :)
    Lol my "+" was also ment as a "plus" and referred as an addition to SkyDragon and you :D
  12. Oh I see, lol. I thought you were referring to something I said regarding residence features. Let's all agree to never use "+" again, alrighty?
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  13. Please search before posting, I honestly CAN NOT count how many times this has been posted.
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