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Would you like to see the Empire implement this?

I want a clock on the website 6 vote(s) 14.6%
I want a /time comand 4 vote(s) 9.8%
I want both a /time comand and a clock 26 vote(s) 63.4%
This is a bad idea. 5 vote(s) 12.2%
  1. I think it would be a super good idea to put a time clock somewhere on the Empire that tell a universal time between all servers. so instead of saying "meet me at my lot in one our", people an say "meet me at my lot at noon, or 12:37" (even if their own clock reads 5pm). It would allow for better communication between players because we are all from different time zones.

    Could it be possible to make a /time command that stays the same over all servers?

    Another idea is to have a universal EMC time clock on the website, nice and big at the top of the screen. It'd be nice if this too could be done. Id suggest on the top left side of the screen. Its empty enough to comfortable fit one there.

    I suggested this about 2 months ago and only had about 10 responses and I did not have a poll at the top, so I decided to re post it with a poll.

    There would only be one time used, not like 6 or 7, just one. It could be whatever the Senior Staff/Admin/Mods would want it to be. I'm thinking it would be the time used where Justin Guy lives to make it easier on himself?
  2. I think this was suggested before, yes! :)
  3. I don't think this is a good idea, and for this reason: It would be too confusing. People would be asking questions and running around like a chicken with its head cut off. If there was a "needs improvement" poll that's what I would have chosen. I would like to see something like this, but not exactly this. Overall, good idea, I like the concept.
  4. :) Awesome idea, FAR more effective than having to look at t world clock.
    Also it would be good to have one on the website.
  5. Loving it!

    Maybe the 3 main timezones?

    USA, UK And AU
  6. Would they? Why? :confused:
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  7. People are people. I imagine that it would be just like the guide - people don't read it or just don't care.
  8. But this wouldn't be a need to know kind of thing. It's a tool, a useful one
  9. I think 3 clocks would be too mutch
    But which US timezone, theyy have alone 7 different and if you add, like nfell said other too, THAT would confuse other player....
  10. No, just set 1, and only 1 official EMC time zone. Much easier
  11. Yeah I often forget the sense of time while travelling through the internet...
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  12. i think we should use eastern time becuase that is what icc uses
  13. Just one 24h time zone
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  14. I have a new idea I will post

    Timezones go in hours not minutes so if its 5pm in the UK its 6pm in France etc (France are 1 hour ahead)

    Idea: Have a new time clock so its running at once call it EMC Time, then everyone can work off that and not have loads of times
  15. I honestly believe it should go off GMT +-0, it would make sense as you could more easily work out what time it is in your time (For example it'll be easier to work out what time it is if your on GMT -7 if it was GMT +-0 than trying to work it out if it was GMT +6
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  16. How About one EMC-Standard time just to make it non-confusing. it could be the same as GMT or EST or MDT, but i think it should be just one for all servers and all places.
  17. Let's just use Zulu time! The U.S. military uses it, seems to work pretty well for them!
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  18. I believe thats GMT+-0? Correct?
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  19. Why don't we use the timezone, on that the forum works? for example The main post was at 1:22 pm, I don't know which timezone that is, but if it is on the forum, we can take it, or?
  20. You I think are correct, EMC Should just have GMT Shown on the front or make a new time call it EMC Time