[SUGGESTION] Thread Expiration

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  1. Hi everyone. I was looking at posts and some say the whole do not bump thing. I think that over a certain amount of time of a thread not being bumped by the owner or updated my them the system should automatically close a thread unless specified by the user my selecting something that says "do not autocancel" or something like that. This would help new players not bump old threads (many new players ignore the red message on new threads) and it would unclutter the forums.
  2. I agree, maybe the news section could be exempt though :p
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  3. I think it's okay, but many times you may expect a thread to never settle down - LLO, and it does
    Or you have one that you think has a short lifespan, Show yourself 2013, that is a non-ending thread.
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  4. A agree about the staff only forums. Hairy, I said it would expire after it is inactive and there could be a way that it would save as an option.
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  5. I was thinking of putting this as a suggestion a while ago but could not think of a way to put it.
    Cheers to you! +1
  6. I said that a player could select to not have it. Maybe you could not have it in a thread that is an auction and it would be after inactivity and not if it passes a certain date but is still active.