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  1. So I was reading random threads and I came across this:


    I think its pretty messed up that someone took all the books like that. I also think libraries would be a good addition to the community. You have shops, hotels, storage, casinos, ect ect. I think libraries would be a good addition to the list of possible paths you can go on this server. Now before I make a suggestion let me make a disclaimer.

    DISCLAIMER: I said last time I wasn't going to make any more suggestions because it turns into a battle. But I feel bad that someone put this much work into something good only to get ripped off. I am not a programmer or w/e I don't know what can and can't be done code wise. I have only been playing MC for a year now. This is just a idea that is all =)

    SUGGESTION: MAYBE IF POSSIBLE!! We could make it so some how a player can have books bound to a res. So when another player tries to walk off with the book they get bumped back into the res. Kinda like the move flag except backwards? lol This would ensure no one would steal the libraries books. Of course players would then just drop the books on the ground but at least the bookkeeper would be able to pick it up and put it back where it belongs. That is all....
  2. I honestly don't feel a need for this. It hasn't really been a problem, in my opinion. It'd be more work, and all that time to make only certain books residence bound, such as adding a tag to only certain books, is better spent on dragon tombs.
  3. The suggestion that Alex made and that the owner of the library ignored was this.

    That is everything needed. Staff would be able to get involved and track down the thief.
  4. Oh yeah if the staff is going to have to do it one by one no it wouldn't be worth it. I was hoping there was a way to make the players have the ability to do it? Like I said I dunno what can and can't be done. Would be awesome if you could just put [Bound] res# 1234 in the book and it would make it bound like that. Again I dunno what can and can;t be done.
  5. Oh really I had no idea XD well thats good I guess. Still seems like that would add a lot more work on the staff.
  6. I believe something like that can be done, but I believe it would be very taxing on the server. Besides, there aren't a whole lot of people who would use it...
  7. I understand your point, how you want Dragon Tombs more. But what a lot of people don't think of nowadays is that we have a Dev team. This sounds like something they would tackle. While Aikar works on Dragon Tombs, the Dev Team would be working of other things. People, you cant just say you don't want something because you want something else more. You can have both, with Dragon Tombs coming just as fast. (This is my response to all recent and new suggestions)

    Although this suggestion does not interest me, as I don't own or use any EMC Libraries, I would still +1 it because I know a bunch of people that Own, or use a Library on the Empire. This would greatly help all of them.

    I don't think it would be "book specific" too. I think it would be a "Every book allowed", or "Every book not allowed" kind of thing.
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  8. I keep forgetting that...
    I believe this is the problem with this idea. Some people would want to actually remove books, therefore this would actually hinder people.