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  1. EMC's newest Public Library has just open on SMP3

    Completely free for anyone and everyone

    Are you a writer of poems, stories, or jokes?
    Write it down in a book, and contribute to the COMMUNITY library.
    LETS GET 1000 BOOKS!
    Some great stuff to read also

    Res 6046
  2. Let's hope nobody steals :) How long are you allowed to keep the books?
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  3. Sounds interesting. How do you plan to run it?
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  4. Well currently there are a few writers, including myself, that submit jokes, poems, stories, etc.
  5. i think he means the whole getting the books back from the people
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  6. Yeah. It just seems like there could be a lot of trouble in doing this, and I was wondering if you had some sort of system. :)
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  7. Nice :) I recommend making them Buy and Sell signs so you can track it.
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  8. To be honest, it is purely a communal Public Library. If people want to take the books, thats fair enough. As no one is making any money out of it, or losing any money out of it, hopefully the community will help look after it!

    Lets get 1000 books!!
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  9. This is awesome of you to do Toby316625. It's a good cause and I believe that most EMC players are mature enough to not steal.
  10. Unfortunately, i will have to close the Public Library. It only lasted a few days until someone stole all of the books. I am getting quite alot of upset messages from upset authors throughout the community who have worked tirelessly to contribute high quality books for the public to read.

    Whoever stole all of the books should be ashamed of themselves as they have let down the entire EMC community.
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  11. SO sorry to hear someone had to go and do that. I never got to enjoy it.
  12. I'm terribly sorry, whoever did this should pay for it.
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  13. I am super keen on opening it up again soon. So if anyone has any ideas how this can be stopped in the future, please let us know
  14. I was actually writing a continuation to my story, found that my other books "Problem Girl" and "Problem Girl; 2" were gone, and told toby.. let's just say I didn't have much spirit to write "Problem Girl; 3" I might have to write the first two all over again.
  15. I have a suggestion: You could operate this like my local library. It has membership cards, free of course, but that way, you could keep track of which books the person had. You could just write (Name's) Library Card on paper or something, and write which books the member had. This way, if those books are lost, they have to pay for them. You could hire a staff of librarians and helpers to run the library, like being at the counter to rename the "Member Cards" so they say which books there are. I would gladly be a member and staff at your library. You could have a deadline that they have to return the books by, and if they don't return in time, you could have a late fee.
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  16. I would suggest making copies of the books so this doesn't happen again.
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  17. Making exact copies of some books is difficult, the books I wrote had 7 pages at the least.
  18. if you put a signed book surrounded by unused books it copies it for you.
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  19. I could be wrong but i think u need to be the author of the book to copy it
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  20. Yes, so the author should keep a copy before sending their book to the library.
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