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  1. Anybody remember Neopets from years back? Well they had a feature called the wishing well where you tossed in some money and 'wished' for an item you desired. I bet this would be a good feature this server as there are some items that are rare to find and hardly any shops sell them such as the rabbit's foot. The chance of receiving the item you want is determined by the rarity of the item and the amount of rupees tossed in.
  2. There are some items that are priced at high amounts because of their rarity. This 'wishing well' would break that system and lead to issues in the promo collection market. We could try to limit it to non-promo items, but then that basically takes you down to just 3-5 items that are actually hard to obtain.

    I played neopets a lot when I was younger and the system works there because the economy is not 'controlled' in the extent that EMC's is, by the players and what they are willing to pay. There's the second-hand shop in Neopets, but mostly it's set prices from the Neopets shop.

    In conclusion, this would not work on EMC.
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  3. Granted, it's been 15-20 years since I played neopets, but couldn't you just set it up as gambling? With no guaranteed output, the odds could be adjusted to make it a money sink for the adventurous.