[Suggestion] The End(er)less Pearl

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  1. I suggest as a Christmas promo, and Endless-enderpearl. One pearl that allows endless Teleports.

    Soulbound, final, unbreakable =D

    sound good to anyone else? o.0
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  3. As cool as that may sound, it is just way too overpowered. It would need some balance like could only be used x amount of times in x amount of minutes
  4. 10-second cooldown?
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  5. It's a good idea- but what does it have to do with Christmas?
  6. it would be a gift from the staff to us for christmas
  7. Its the next time they'd give out a promo o.0 it could be called an ornament...
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  8. Ornaments could be a great concept actually. I feel that we should expand on that.
    Imagine collectable ornaments each with their own power!
    Ender Pearl Ornament, endless teleports with a 25% chance of an explosion on impact. Debatable of course.
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  9. I have to agree about it being overpowered i mean imagine the ability to just teleport anywhere without carrying a ton of stuff.
  10. No like I mean how is related to Christmas
  11. Agreed, definitely too overpowered. You'd only have to own this Ender Pearl in order to never need another Ender Pearl again. Of course, many members have so many that they feel this way already, but that's not the point. :p
  12. How is an axe related to thanksgiving?
  13. It's all how it is named is what I learned.
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  14. Who'd kill a piggy with an axe made out of diamonds? I mean I'd just stick a thin iron pokey stick thru its jugular tbh
  15. No like a ender pearl has nothing to do with christmas, however if it was named an ornament or something I can understand. I'm just saying that it has nothing to do with christmas
  16. I was leaving the creative part of idea up to creative people. It could be called a "chrismas ornament", it could be dyed different colors, there could be multiple ones of them, could be that you have to collect different "ornaments" from killing Super Wild Reindeer, then craft them to make the "Christmas Ornament" which allows you to teleport unlimited amount of times, with a 3 second delay. - Now that i've added 10 new items all with christmas-sy names to the game, can we agree that it could be worth suggesting as a christmas promo?

    After re-reading that, it came off(to me) as rude...not how I meant it. o.0
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  17. I like your ideas!
  18. With a cooldown, it wont be that OP, think of the labor bench, I think that saves me quiet some time and doesnt break/has no cooldown. and you can also make it harder to obtain, so not a promo but a drop party item, contest item from kryssy, that kind of stuff
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