[Suggestion] The ability to ride pigs in town.

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Is this a good idea?

Yes 43 vote(s) 91.5%
No 0 vote(s) 0.0%
-_- 4 vote(s) 8.5%
  1. I know that with the current animal system animals can't leave your res. But now that we can control pigs, I would like it if we could assign one pig to be able to leave your res. Yes I know that this is completely pointless, but it would be pretty sweet to ride pigs through town.
  2. I approve.

    It'll just be extra work. When an animal gets into another person's residence it's from that person,as you don't have any permits,that other person would just egg it or kill it.

    For this to work you'd need build permissions OR a new type of flag OR IDK.
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  3. Going into other people's residences could be blocked. I was just thinking about riding through the town streets on pig.
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  4. Like riding a horse Pilgrim Style!
  5. It is a good idea, like riding in your piggeh through town streets hehe.
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  6. I support this idea.
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  7. But piggies will crash into other piggies and they'll break apart and only give you beef in return.
  8. I just imagined people riding piggies around like driving cars. :D I think it's an awesome idea. It would be cool if there was a way to put this into effect.
  9. That was my idea exactly. I was imagining people racing pigs.
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  10. lmfao, this made my night, i completely support.
  11. It could be when you put a saddle on a pig it gave it a special ID that let it move from res to res, and identified it as yours so others could not eggify it.
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  12. Done.
    (I think)
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  13. I support it :D...we just totally pasted it xD.. I <3 Piggehs
  14. but what if you run out of carrots? we should be able to buy emergency 'gas' for our 'cars' at a high price like how the old animal-buying system used to work.
    also i could see tons of abandoned piggies because of accidental TP-ing so that would need to have a solution.
  15. I agree because I'm tired of doing this everywhere i go
  16. We should have traffic lights and roads then. And driving licenses :D
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  17. I support :D Also, whenever I think of pig racing...
  18. Clapping.gif
  19. So I was doing some more thinking and I think I have this figured out. Saddled pigs would have a flag that allows them to leave your res. Only one pig would be able to have this flag on at a time. To make things easier your pig won't be able to enter other residences. Unless the staff could do some more coding. Then you would have a flag a pig move flag for your res and if the res has a full ent count it would be automatically set to false. If you ran out of carrots, you could simply do /home, while on the pig, and be transported home.
  20. I just tested it; it doesn't work. At first I thought it did but you will eventually teleport to your res spawn. Pigs are very laggy and it takes a while.