[Suggestion] The ability to buy supporter status with ruppes

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  1. We should be able to buy supporter status with ruppes
  2. No, the point of supporter is to allow people to support/fund the server. Not give it money the server already has an infinite amount of.
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  3. I'm not sure you know what supporter status is for Cam? It helps fund the server and EMC group with out supporters we wouldn't be talking about this now :p...Its not just to have a pretty colored name and certain abilities...

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  4. I am only one so I can help the server...
    *wink wink* Not the RUPEES!!!!
    No but seriously I do it mainly to help :)
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  5. same here all about supporting the server.
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  6. I understand if you can't afford to pay for supporter but the whole idea of supporting is so that the server can keep going. That's why most servers offer a donation rank because in real life it costs quite a bit of money to host a server unless you own it yourself.
  7. No , the money is used to keep the servers online and pay its owners. Like everyone else said, it's not just to get a title/perks, it's to keep the server running. Consider becoming one too, there's alot of fun supporter activies that take place within utopia or supporter related stuff.
  8. Yez!!! At least iron... Can I haz zuporter pls????? :(
  9. Its called "Supporter" for a reason.
  10. The point of becoming a supporter is to pay EMC to keep the server online - and in return give fun little perks to its buyers. The server has an infinite amount of rupees - and that's virtual money. There is no way the mods would ever do this, and if they did...
    Well, let's just say we wouldn' t have an EMC anymore.
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  11. No, just, no. Support the server MONEY.