[SUGGESTION] /tempignore and /unignore all

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  1. Have you ever ignored someone for being annoying, before having to unignore them because you're missing out on a conversation? Have you got a huge list of people that are ignored, and you're missing out on a conversation but you have no idea who the other person is? (Just forget that you can ask someone who it is lol) Have you ever wanted to clear your /ignore list but had to spend WAY too long typing all the names out?

    Well if the EMC staff adds a /tempignore feature and/or a /unignore all, all these problems will be solved! It could work like this; /tempignore 1d (d - day - for 24 hours)

    What are your opinions, is this a good idea? I have a feeling that this won't be too hard to code either, but I'm no expert.

    Yay or nay? Why?
  2. Yay.
    Because if I /ignore somebody (which I haven't yet) and want to talk to them but can't remember their name, I can undo all of my /ignores and see if they are online.
    My memory is like that :p
  3. And even to prevent this, you could use a /tempignore ;)
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  4. Food approved.
  5. Bump! Ahaha
  6. I like it. Could go hand in hand with the /votemute Player suggestion SoulPunisher suggested.
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  7. /votemute was my idea actually haha. :)

    Aikar decided that a mute option would not be included already though, it's a shame. :/

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  8. Oh derp. :(
  9. Haha :/
  10. 1st time I have seen a sadface haha!
  11. *sidenote* It's quite sad that we have 40k registered members and 760 votes this month. If 5 percent of everyone voted everyday than we would have 30k votes so far this month... That is why I sadface :(
  12. Maybe a /ignorelist and it lists all of your ignored players.
  13. We already have /ignore list
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  14. Cupcake approved.
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  15. Great Scott.jpg
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  16. Panda Approved. I'd also like an ignore list on forums.
  17. Yeah, that would be great too :D