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What do you think?

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  1. First: I was replying to another suggestion when I thought of this. So, some credit there, because that thread inspired this one. I figured it deserves its own post, though.

    Maybe you've missed an important message with a link you needed. Maybe you forgot what res number your auction winnings are on. Maybe you want to use PMs to blackmail someone. Don't do that, though.

    Currently, there's no reliable way of seeing past messages while ingame. It'd require you to quit out of the game and go into your logs folder and manually search for messages - which can be quite a pain.

    A new command would allow you to view your private messages quickly and would only show messages from the current login:


    You have received 17 private messages this login:
    1. [AFK] ComputerUser: I found a great few feature with Win10MC!
    2. OrangeJuiceFan: This new place has the BEST orange juice around!
    3. HostageOstrich: halp pls
    4. [AFK] AmericanAirPilot: Welcome to American Air!
    5. Hax0r21: I use hax 2 dupe stuffz hehe
    [Next Page] -- [Previous Page] -- [Go to page]

    Selecting Next Page will show the next five private messages. Selecting Previous Page will show the last 5 (I dunno why you wouldn't just scroll up, but oh well). Go To Page will give a list of pages. In the example above, there'd be four pages total. Any messages received while AFK will have an [AFK] tag before them.

    Just another suggestion. Opinions? Oh, and maybe another command besides /telllog. 3 l's. Ew.

    Also, formatting that took a lot of time. Appreciate pls.
  2. Oh no! Forgot a part! Hold comments!

    *builds wall*

    Okay, all clear!

    *eats wall*
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  3. I like this idea o-o +1 from me
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  4. +1 I like this idea very much.
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  5. Ouch, I think I hit my elbow against something. (casually bumping to recent activity also +1)
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  6. Oh yes could have used this many times. +1
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  7. this would be useful
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  8. +1
    I love this idea but I'm going to vote nub
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  9. I'm not sure.

    First off: I'm not against it or such, just not sure. My main concern is the way in which this could affect current mail messages. When someone sends you a PM while you're away then they'll be notified of that fact, so it seems reasonable to me that they could understand that you'll probably miss the message.

    If its urgent enough then they could send you a mail in-game (or a forum PM I suppose).

    Like I said; my main concern is how this could affect mail messages. Right now you need to take a little effort before you can message each other in-game (sending a book & quill or signed book). So I can't help wonder if this feature would make in-game mailing redundant (to a certain degree anyway). And I'm not sure if that's a good thing.

    So.. I'm neutral in this one.
  10. Isn't in-game mail redundant as it is? :p I've never sent or received a written book through mail.
  11. I suppose it depends on the player. I almost have a SC full with books which I used for mail exchanges :)
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  12. Is it such a bad thing if it did make it redundant though? Sending a book to someone or a PM is nothing that special really. I've never once mailed someone a message in a book, and honestly I don't see any reason to. I don't think that having a tell log would hurt or not hurt mail because really these things are not game breaking features. Sending mail in the wild, that can be exploited. Using /vault in the wild too. Things like that would/could break the game in some way.

    To be clear here, I am not at all disregarding your opinion on this matter. For me I don't see any cons about having this be added.
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  13. Finding/crafting a book can be a hassle. I know I never have feathers or leather laying casually around(or paper for that matter?) this could be nice to have every once in a while. I can't see myself using it very often but as an option if I needed to, it would be nice.

    Edit: What he said

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  14. Although I definitely give this a +1 because it is a wonderful and useful idea, I am going to have to vote nub because it is the superior option.
  15. I like this idea. I'm only afk when I'm on the forums so I still hear the ding, but I would use it a lot to go back to links.
    I will also have to vote nub.
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