[Suggestion] Teleport to Specific Wastelands Coordinate from Residence

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  1. I'm tried several ways and it appears you cannot teleport to a specific wastelands coordinate. I don't think you can teleport back home from the wastelands either.
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  2. You can only teleport out of the wastelands from an outpost, this is by design.
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  3. If your in the safe zone you can teleport to:



    Your res
    /Home (2,3,4)

    Other players res
    /v (name of res #)

    And waste

    (There are also special reses depending on which all you're on, such as pvp on 6, or fistfight and fun on 3, etc)

    As for specific ones:
    Waste C (for Center)
    Waste N
    Waste E
    Waste S
    Waste W
    Waste NW
    Waste SE
    Waste SE

    And those are the same for the wild just put wild instead of waste

    /Wild N or /Waste N

    (Sorry if I missed any Teleports I think I got them all down)
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  4. /map tells you where the outposts are, but you gotta walk to them.
  5. ^ What they said.

    Another tip: horses. Everyone has a /stable which they can use. Summoning a horse in the wastelands itself will cost you 100r, but doing it while standing on an outpost costs you nothing. So if you need to head to specific location then a horse could help you to get there faster.

    Also: you may want to bring a compass with you as well. If you land on an outpost and head into the wastelands then a compass will always point you to the direction of the outpost you came from. Which can make it very easy to find your way back again.

    Hope this can help as well :)
  6. and to add on to shels horse suggestion if you have 10 stable slots you waiver the 100r fee so remember to vote and get those stable vouchers or find someone selling or auctioning them off until you have 10 stable slots. 100r is easy enough to make back but hey free is better.
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  7. the point of wastelands is that they arent far from an outpost. i think its a max of 3k away from any given outpost anywhere in the boundaries of the wastelands. you shouldnt need to teleport when a walk is only max 15 minutes
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  8. Not sure why you want a stable, i used it short but the are pretty obsolete for me. I have my donkey parked on my res in stable. When i need it i jump on my donkey and type /waste and there we go.

    In other words, i just transport myself and the donkey or horse from town to waste or wild , but not tried that wilderness.
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  9. First, I'm lazy ;) When I spot a terrain around an outpost which might be useful for a horse then I don't want too much hassle (that seldomly happens).

    Nah, I often use a stable when my inventory is completely filled up and there's plenty of extra loot to grab. Then I sometimes bring out my donkey and fill up its inventory as well, then nab the extra loot and try to ride back safely.

    But where stables really excel is when you're hunting horses in the waste. If you found a good horse you only need to tame it, then /stable it and it doesn't cost you anything (unlike eggifying which costs you 100r). This appears to be a good strategy (or so I've been told by Aya) :)