[SUGGESTION] Tag Derelict Reses

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  1. While building for eclipsys on SMP9 earlier, I noticed players saying that there were no open reses on nine. Someone else said there were tons of derelict reses.
    Here's my idea:
    When a residence goes derelict, it should be given the tag /v +derelict
    This would make finding these reses so much easier.
    And for those that complain about coding:
    This doesn't seem that much different as automatically turning off move flags on a banned player's res when they get banned.
  2. +1.
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  4. +OVAR9000!
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    Maybe with this we can go on banned players res's
  7. Also with this addition, people cannot tag their residence as derelict.
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  8. ^
  9. Sounds pretty awesome. +1
  10. It is intended for derelict res's to not be easily found, and for the system to be used when a specific residence is desired.

    the derelict system runs nightly atm, but we can look into making it hourly if 24 hours starts to become too long to open new res's.

    But there is intention here to encourage trying another server if its full :)
  11. Can we make longer derelict res's more likely to be reset?
    If my res were to go derelict, I'd rather not lose it on the first day, when there are still others around that had been around for longer.
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  12. And then there is smp3 where you can throw a rock in any direction and hit one >.<
  13. so true... so true :(