[Suggestion] Supporter TNT - Month-to-Month

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    Just wondering if this could be implemented? :)

    Iron Supporter
    • 3 stacks of TNT per month
    • TNT amount resets back to 5 stacks for each month
    • No rollover of TNT per month
    Gold Supporter
    • 5 stacks of TNT per month
    • TNT amount resets back to 5 stacks for each month
    • Rollover of 1 stack of TNT will be included in next months amount (incremental)*
    • TNT amount resets back to zero after 1 year
    Diamond Supporter
    • Unlimited
    * 1st month - 5 stacks | 2nd month - 6 stacks | 3rd month - 7 stacks | etc.
  2. Will probably have no chance of ( Happy Smooch?? :p ) happening
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  3. TNT will not ever be available to supporters other than diamond. Sorry but that is just how it will be.
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  4. 3 stacks of TNT per month for Iron? No way this will happen. This is unneeded code and a bit weird.
  5. agreed
  6. 3 Stack of TnT would easily clear a res which takes away the point of 60k rupees for it and it could be easily abused by people selling it and then gunpowder and tnt prices decreasing to below 10r
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  7. You're forgetting why only diamond have TNT... To stop abuse.
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  8. Well the amounts could be decreased. I was just hoping for some TNT so I could clear some dirt on my res and have some fun blowing stuff up in the wastelands. :p
  9. Well if they are gonna give us free TNT, why not free diamonds? Or gold? It doesn't seem like just giving supporters free stuff monthly would make much sense economy wise.
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  10. Gunpowder and sand is not going to break the economy, considering all of the other items that can be sold. If someone did a study on the EMC economy, they would probably come to a conclusion that sand in itself is more used for glass then for TNT and the small market for TNT which are only Diamond supporters.

    If not given free for supporters then what about a set limit a supporter can buy per month?
  11. That would be really complicated to make limits on an item and tnt can be up to 100r a pop. Aikar and ICC would love this though. More tnt and a ruined economy.
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  12. ICC certainly would love this...enough TNT to make a TNT maze and a TNT statue of a creeper every month.
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  13. sorry but this wouldnt happen

    actually takes alot more than 3 stacks to clear a res...

    the 60k is cheaper than the price it would cost to buy enough tnt to do it.
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