[Suggestion] Supporter perks?

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Do you Agree or Disagree with this perk?

Agree 5 vote(s) 27.8%
Disagree 11 vote(s) 61.1%
Both 2 vote(s) 11.1%
  1. Hey EMC,

    You all know how there is costs of the town walkway change and dirt removal, Well in was thinking why not make it so for the normal players it is 60k for the dirt removal, 45k for gold supporters and 30k for diamond supporters. then for the walkways 10k for the normal players, 7.5k for the gold supporters and 5k for the diamond supporters. Than also when u paid for a walkway changed and u want to add some stuff to it, you don't have to pay more, since you paid the money already.


    Since most disagree with this, why not make it at least where if you paid for a walkway then you don't have to pay again for it to be changed or added to. And if you have a certain amount of the res dug out, then you wont have to pay the full amount to remove the remaining amount.
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  2. This would be an awesome addition to EMC
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  3. This is actually a really good idea! From my previous supporter experience, the more supporter perks the better IMO :)
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  4. Why not?
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  6. Quite honestly, it should be cheaper for non donators.
    Regular players have to log in daily to make a living while supporters don't even have to log in.
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  7. We're giving EMC money, so we get perks (Some new everyonce in a while)
    I really like this idea (Even though i said no in the poll xD)
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  8. I understand that. But you guys don't even have to work for your rupees, quite honestly.
    Regular members do.
  9. We're not saying you guys shouldn't get perks, we're saying that it's BS that diamond gets to pay less for something available for everyone. Ya'll have the money to pay 60K, you get 1,300 every day whereas free users get 100 and have to sign in or they don't get it.
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  10. Correct, but we are paying EMC real money, while y'all are not paying anything
    Unless your donating money to them without being a supporter
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  11. I don't think this will be added. :) The main purpose of this service is so that we can have a large rupees sink without impacting any survival game mechanics. Diamond and Gold Supporter's are the main consumers of the service because we have multiple residences and we want to link them. :) My point is, this would mean that one of our biggest rupees sinks would have less of an impact on the economy.

    To add; we're not in massive need of any more supporter perks. This wouldn't fit. :)
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  12. Yes, but literally every day, I see someone asking for new features. I think the price stays.
  13. And the point is? I see no reason why free users should be punished just because you're able to pay money each month. There are many reasons people aren't able to pay, not every little kiddy here is going to be able to convince their parents to spend their hard earned money, not everyone gets an allowance to blow, not everyone's country is listed in payment options and not everyone has the money in their budget.

    If you go based on sign ins, that means that person is going to have to login 600 days just to get 60K. To get it faster they would have to vote 6 or so times or use shops. Diamond on the other hand can login in a matter of weeks, vote or use shops to get 60K.
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  14. you dont have to be a supporter to get the money, Look at silken_thread, he has 2 mill and he was only a iron supporter for one month,
  15. The reason Mods, Admins and supports are getting perks is because we are sacrificing something
    Supporters are sacrificing money, while mods and admins are sacrificing time.
    I will leave it at that
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