[Suggestion] Supporter death protection in Wild

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  1. While it is apparent that griefing exists even on EMC, perhaps it would be a nice addition for supporters to have some form of death protection while in the wild. I personally was griefed today and it is apparent that 'it is hard to prove' is a common response when reported especially when you are AFK during the griefing.

    A server mod such as Death Chest or something lightweight would be nice to have. I came to EMC because I was under the impression griefing would not be tolerated but the correct phrase would be 'not be tolerated only if caught'.

    Just a thought...
  2. I don't think that they would make this, the wild is a place where you go to get supplies and live there and take the risk of dying and getting greifed.
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  3. The "take the risk of dying" is acceptable. I know it happens to me often due to me being an idiot. :) However, the "getting greifed" is not acceptable since it is specifically stated it is not allowed. I should be able to play without worrying about someone destroying stuff or breaking blocks so you drown or fall into lava.
  4. This would be useful but ... yeh ... probably not gonna happen :/
  5. Death Chest has been denied in the past. How exactly did you die?
  6. This won't be implemented because you go to the wild accepting the fact that you can die and that the admins and mods on EMC cannot prevent someone from griefing or stealing your stuff in the wild. They can only ban players after they have been caught in the act.
  7. They broke out the floor under me and I drowned. They left a lot of evidence to suggest they also went int he water and then left. it is being investigated. I have a suspect that they say will be reviewed but that doesnt get me my stuff back...
  8. The link I posted earlier does. :)