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  1. Hey Everyone, it's rburke5786 owner of The Wooden Fortress on smp5 10225.

    I'd like to introduce a couple suggestions for new flags!

    First off, I think the existing "place" and "destroy" flags should be child flags of the bigger "build" flag. I also recently discovered that in order to place blocks, you need to have the item:use flag.

    Secondly, here's my ideas for new flags:
    Perhaps the existing kill flag can get more specific with child flags, such as:

    kill: pig - Only allow a player to kill pigs on your residence.
    kill:cow - Only allow a player to kill cows on your residence.
    kill:sheep - Only allow a player to kill sheep on your residence.
    kill:wolf - Only allow a player to kill wolves on your residence.
    kill:rabbit - Only allow a player to kill rabbits on your residence.
    kill: ocelot - Only allow a player to kill ocelots (cats) on your residence.
    kill:chicken - Only allow a player to kill chickens on your residence.
    kill:villager - Only allow a player to kill villagers on your residence.
    kill:horse - Only allow a player to kill untamed horses on your residence.

    Because monsters don't spawn in town except on command of staff there's no need to make child flags for each individual monster. However in the mob arena, the kill flag will still allow the killing of those monsters! Because when the kill flag is true, it allows that player to kill anything (except other players of course!

    Same thing with the existing eggify flag, such as:

    eggify: pig - Only allow a player to eggify pigs on your residence.
    eggify:cow - Only allow a player to eggify cows on your residence.
    eggify:sheep - Only allow a player to eggify sheep on your residence.
    eggify:wolf - Only allow a player to eggify wolves on your residence.
    eggify:rabbit - Only allow a player to eggify rabbits on your residence.
    eggify: ocelot - Only allow a player to eggify ocelots (cats) on your residence.
    eggify:chicken - Only allow a player to eggify chickens on your residence.
    eggify:villager - Only allow a player to eggify villagers on your residence.
    eggify:horse - Only allow a player to eggify horses on your residence.

    Some people may fear that when they grant someone the kill or eggify flag, they'll kill, or eggify and steal unauthorized entilities.

    I'd also like to bring up also a new flag, called the "tame" flag. This flag alone set to true will allow a player to tame any tamable animals. This will be the parent flag of 3 child flags, these:

    tame:horse - Allow a player to only tame horses on your residence.
    I do know that this situation is currently covered by the build flag.
    tame: ocelot - Allow a player to only tame ocelots (cats) on your residence.
    tame:wolf - Allow a player to only tame wolves on your residence.
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  2. I like it, just don't think it'd be needed.
  3. Cool but..
  4. No comment on the suggestion. However, I realized you had to put a space in eggify:pig. Use the Plain BBCode and that'll fix your problem.

  5. I like this idea. I wouldn't use it but I think many people would. This also would just add to the spam that /res info already is.
  6. I like most of these ideas but there are a lot of these you have listed and to many to add. Maybe slim down all the animals and etc.
    I do really like the Place and Destroy flag though.

  7. That is incorrect:

    Here you can see that my friend could place regular blocks, but even those which fall under the use and container category. She can place them, but afterwards can't use nor remove them. But placing them isn't an issue. The contribution team has done a major rehaul on the Flags wiki page some time ago and in preparation to that I set up a whole test case which got me to reconfirm stuff and got my friend to learn new flags.

    Just to make sure we re-did this test a moment ago and nothing has changed.

    I like your suggestion, but I'm also a little indifferent to it in the overall because well... I think the developers will slowly, but steadily, expand on the whole sub-flag system anyway if there is a need for it. But do keep in mind that only a minority of players will actually go into this much detail to set these things up (I'm one of them by the way :)).

    And there is an optional other problem: if you make things too complex then you risk scaring people off instead of making it more inviting for them to actually try the system out. This is one of the reasons why the staff had decided that the flags wiki page needed a rehaul.

    Which brings me to this:

    This is one of those examples which I think could over complicate things. A majority of players will have their animals locked in separate pens. So a mere access sign above a fence gate could do the same trick. Doesn't make your suggestion any less interesting, don't get me wrong here, but I can't help wonder how many players would actually use this?
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  8. My statement is correct in the case where the item:use flag is set to false (f), you didn't have a problem because your item:use flag was in the removed (r) position. The item:use flag doesn't have any effect when it is in that position, and that's why your friend didn't have any problems.

    In the images below, my friend Cloudpaw666 and I recreated the scenario. I attempted to place a jungle plank while my build flag was set to true, but the item:use flag for everyone was set to false.

    Error Message:

    Flag Settings:

    Here's a statement from chickeneer when I asked him about this error message:
    Hope that clears things up a bit. :)
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  9. Ah, now I see what you're getting at. Thanks for the clarification. When you mentioned that people needed to have this flag I picked that up as if you were saying that people needed to set this flag before they could build. I didn't stop to think that you could also be referring to denied flags.

    Nice find there!