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  1. So, with the addition of the steam community; I think there should be a special group ( like the build team, cont. team, and etc ) to moderate it ( is possible ). The team members would be able to host events like a Team Fortress 2 TDM or some other games. Thats all.
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  2. -1, the current staff could do this job.
  3. What if the current staff(or at least some of them) do not play steam games?
  4. I'm sure some do.
  5. Im just saying like the contribution team, they are normal players that do stuff with us ( PDJ for example pvp's ).
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  6. I'm sure Krysyy has some people in mind to moderate the new section of the community, don't think she would launch it without finding people for that specific reason.
  7. I can't really weigh in here because I don't use Steam that often (and have pretty much stopped playing games other than MC (ironic because I'm playing BOII now))... but I have to wonder: what does having special members (ie contribs and builders) have (ability-wise) over a normal player in terms of hosting events on other games? Is it something only members with special permissions can do?
  8. Pre-Ordered BOIII?
  9. I haven't, and likely won't. The most I know about the game is through about 30 minutes of YouTube videos. The last two have been a letdown, so I figured if I'm not excited for the game and don't have high expectations I can't get let down again. :p But I do have some faith in Treyarch.
  10. I don't like the fact that it looks a bit too futuristic for my taste, but guess I'll give it a chance. I liked the first, the second was alright.