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  1. I realize that you can do this for friends when you type /fr on and click the server that they are on and be transitioned onto that server so you can be with you friends. What I am suggesting is for this feature to be implicated for the /staff or /mods command. It would work exactly like the /fr on thing in the idea that you click the smp that the staff member is on, and it would take you there faster than typing out the full smp number or name ( Utopia ).

    What would this improve? Well, some players like getting staff onto a server so they can help them with something that does not involve an individual who is breaking a rule on this server. As well, if you need a staff member on the server immediately, after reporting said player first, you can easily get onto the server that the staff is on and send him/her to the needed smp.

    Thank you for reading my suggestion.
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  2. +1 from me. Stalking would be easier t... Um um... Mods are bombs! Um..... It's useful to be able to quickly switch between servers!
  3. BUMP before practice :p
  4. BUMP, back from practice.
  5. I'm a little bit confused on what this is intending.. is the suggestion to add another shortcut to the already shortened /smp# command? In my opinion, this isn't needed. I mean come on.. it takes a fraction-of-a-second to type /smp5, /smp6, etc.

    The command was shortened from /server smp#, but the longer one still works.

    It isn't anything detrimental, and I'm sure it'd be a nice little tweak for slow typers, but I'm not sure it's a wise use of 'Aikar Coding Time'.
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  6. Interesting idea and certainly not a bad one, but I don't personally see a need for it - using /staff and /smp5 for example is just as quick as typing /staff joinnearest or something like that :p So I'm not saying we shouldn't have it, but it could be something for the future along with some other small tweaks perhaps :)
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