[SUGGESTION] /stack heads (in Wild and Nether)

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  1. /stack for heads (in Wild and Nether):

    I noticed that we have some skilled developers making a lot of improvements, so I wanted to make one of my only suggestions, that will improve EMC for me and others...

    Some sort of /stack command to stack heads, and the command would need to work in the Nether and Wild, where shop sign or vault combine are not accessible.

    Right now, if you are far out in the Wild or Nether and you kill mobs/animals and occasionally get their heads, they do not stack.
    So, when you want to take the long trip back to town, every inventory slot is valuable, and now instead of being able to stack up to 64 mob/animal heads, you can only put one in a slot.

    Also, non-stacking heads take up too much space in Locked DC's.

    Please can the developers find a way to get mob/animal heads to stack, or give us a command to combine all the chicken heads into one stack.

    Some mobs stack, but lava slime, slime, chicken, pig zombie, etc do Not stack.

    Thank you for your response and hopefully help with a solution for bases far out.

    By the way, Shiny Arrows now stack, so that is good, thanks.
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  2. I like this idea. The vault often does not allow the heads to be stacked. :)
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  3. not really a simple way to resolve it. Essentially they have some value on them that makes them different.. im not sure if the texture id is constantly changing or what, but would need to find out whats changing then could stack if its safe to ignore it.
  4. I have noticed that slime heads occasionally stack during the same session, but if the server resets they will never stack with other heads.
    Not sure if that helps.
    I am not sure why the heads are considered different.
    Any ideas on a solution in the Wild would be appreciated.
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  5. Until then, if you feel the need to stack your heads and have plenty of rupees to spend, you can mail them between accounts to fix stacking from what I hear...
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  6. Thanks for the tip.
    But we can't /mail in the Frontier/Waste/Nether, right?
  7. Not instantly, no.
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  8. *currently
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  9. Tried mailing to stack, didn't work. Multiple times in and out of vault doesn't work either. We really need a fix for this stacking issue.
  10. There are a lot more important bug fixes being worked on at the moment that affect crucial things, but this is on Aikar's list for after those are taken care of. It may not be an easy fix.
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  11. Would love this. Just spent 2 hours killing cows, got 4 heads but 2 stack together and the other 2 are separate.
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  12. I need this for my long PvP sprees.... +1
  13. Player heads obtained through PvP can easily be stacked.
  14. Really? Doesn't work for me. =\