[SUGGESTION] St. Patrick's Day

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Is this a good idea?

YES! 8 vote(s) 57.1%
maybe 3 vote(s) 21.4%
Don't care 1 vote(s) 7.1%
maybe not 1 vote(s) 7.1%
NO! 1 vote(s) 7.1%
  1. I have a fairly complex idea for 2016's St. Patrick's Day.
    Here is part one:
    In the wastelands, multiple chests shall spawn randomly, like the holiday chests of 2014. In these chests lie magical items like gold, gold and gold! These chests could be called 'Chest O' Gold'. They could also contain ferns to represent shamrocks and a promotional gold piece called 'Leprechaun's Treasure.
    Here is part two:
    The Chest O' Gold's have a hidden feature: they need a key to be unlocked. These keys will be dropped by special zombies. The keys could be represented by a bar of iron or a tripwire hook.
    Here is part three:
    The Chest O' Golds could spawn the zombies, but at a distance so it isn't totally obvious where the chest is located. The zombies would wear full green leather armour and they would be burning. basically they are leprechaun enraged zombies. They have a one in ten chance of dropping a key.
    Finally, here is part four:
    Upon opening, the Chest O' Gold shall emit level fifteen light (the brightest) and a message in chat saying: 'splendid riches in form of godly gold!' (or something a bit better). The key would vanish so you have to get another key to open another chest.
    I hope you like my idea!
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  2. Any one like it?
  3. This is an awesome idea; although I don't know how much time it'd take to code this, and with Aikar busy at work, I don't think there'd be time to implement this in to the Empire before St. Patrick's Day.

    Otherwise, really awesome idea!
  4. That's why I said 2016 xD
  5. Ah! I didn't read that. :p Thank you fpr clarifying. Although it might be hard to code, this would be awesome! :)
  6. I suggest sending in a promo form (click here) if you already haven't. Though, not to be rude, this seems a bit excessive for a smaller holiday, although I do like the idea. Anyways I have a few questions:
    1. How often will the zombies spawn?
    2. How often will the chests spawn?
    3. Would the zombies have a chance at a rare promo item like the Blizz Ard and Super Turkey Did?
    4. What would the Leprechaun's gold do (if it did something)?
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  7. I guess it would be a fancier version of a mob spawner block for coding. For the keys however, I have been on other servers with the /lock and /unlock commands which only work with your bare hands, so I guess it could be like that :p
  8. 1. One every 5 to 15 minutes I guess :p, don't want to make it too easy xD
    2. One every kilometre cubed but always on a solid block, so it won't be in the sky. Also, it can't replace bocks.
    3. Um, maybe a special shamrock type item?
    4. What does the Pi Pie do? Nothing except be a special pie!
  9. I like this idea!
  10. I love your idea Toto, that would definitely make me go out to search wastelands.
    how long would this whole thing last for????(a week or two):):):)
  11. From 10th March 2016 to 24th March 2016 (Two weeks)
  12. This is a great idea :) I love events where you have to kill certain mobs since I go out and kill regularly anyway.
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  13. I like this idea! :)
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  14. what do they look like
  15. This is a really cool idea!