[SUGGESTION] Squids Spawning in town

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  1. When I played empire a while back around 1.2.5 squids were able to spawn in town and you could egg them / kill them freely. I enjoyed those huge res' devoted to squid hunting or squids floating around people's residences. I honestly do not see why in 1.6 they are disabled to spawn in town especially now that ink sacs have more of a use than back in the day.
    Can someone clarify a bit? I remember problems with them despawning but I'm sure that can be fixed.
  2. I believe it has something to do with the entcount on reses, but yea, this is kind of pointless if we have no other animals on the res...
    I would say create a Spawn_Squid flag and it solves the problems ;3
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  3. I even dug out a massive lake to squid hunt in, only to find they couldn't spawn. +1 for support if possible. :)
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  4. This would be great to be honest. Once I went on ink hunt and even tho I had looting 3 it took me quite awhile to get a stack :s
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  5. Also now ink sacs have the use for - variations of clay for building, dye she eps, book & quills for villagers and they are really annoying to get and would be easy to farm from town.
  6. My guess is it is now Minecraft coding itself, I don't think that squids will spawn on a Jungle res someone might have or something.

    I would say All these little things like this might be in a Medium sized update after the tutorial update
  7. Squids spawn in any biome.
  8. Well ok then :p

    Like I said, ( calling it ) Lots of Player suggested things in a medium update after the tutorial update
  9. Squids can spawn anywhere, as long as there is enough water, and lots of it.
  10. +1 support :)
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  11. I love this idea...
  12. I missed them also. I was going to do an Ink auction when this was finished but got bored.

    2013-08-24_14.49.35.png 2013-08-24_14.50.12.png 2013-08-24_14.50.35.png
  13. squids spawn in water, fall onto hoppers
  14. And here I thought I was the only one who had done one. It works pretty well. I haven't used it in a while but I think I was getting about a stack an hour. There is a Slime spawn there and a Skeleton spawner I was plan to build a grinder around so there is plenty to do while waiting.

    You can see where I was mining in the middle picture, but that was to have something to do while I waited rather than to increase spawning rates. From what I understand, it doesn't affect spawning.

    I originally made a 10x10 test farm to see if it would work. It wasn't getting very many Squid so I asked Aikar about it. Here's his reply:
    note light and monsters has 0 impact on squid spawning (other than entity limit checks)

    but note, due to spawning algorithim, it can be slow to get spawns in main land, as it picks random blocks to try to spawn in, and if that isnt water.... it doesnt spawn.

    I interpreted his statements to mean that no torching or slabbing was necessary and that it was slow because they simply don't spawn like other mobs. I think if I wanted to go crazy with it, I could have covered the whole spawn radius with the farm and extended the water depth to cover as much volume as possible to give the maximum number of eligible locations to spawn.

    I think the fact that they spawn differently explains why he elected not to allow Squids to spawn in Town. It probably complicated the Entcount code so it was easier to turn it off. I never got too many in Town, but now that it is in place and debugged, maybe we can get him to add a flag for it.

    Been listening to them splat in the background while typing this:

    It's been about fifteen minutes and I have 32 sacs now so maybe it's higher than a stack per hour.
  15. I might have to figure something out and rebuild it if town spawning doesnt get turned back on...
  16. I'll gladly sell you some :)

    Did you do yours the same way as mine?
  17. Mine had a layer of lava above the hoppers so that the squids would burn and the hoppers would pick up sacs fast enuf, but mine want even getting any spawns so we just destroyed it.
  18. Bump? Still havent gotten a proper response >:U