[SUGGESTION] Spread out new players

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  1. One of the most irritating things for a single SMP is being the server where all new players come to. First it was SMP4, and everything was mad. I think that instead of one server taking on the new players for a period of time, they should be randomly spread out upon spawning.

    For clarification, a random player decides to join the server, and they are sent to one of the SMP's (1-9) completely at random. This prevents the congestion of one single server, and preventing people to have to explain that you have to go to a new server to find a res when there are none left. If a server is already full, the SMP would not be sent any more new players. For example, if SMP9 was full with no reses, players would be directed to 1-8.

    Aikar, please enlighten us if you think this is a good idea or not, or if it is in any way difficult. Members, please comment below suggestions for improvement, or give criticism.
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  2. I like the idea, but the only issue I see is how the other day on 7 we had two people join and go through the tutorial, it then placed them in plots extremely far from each other and they're a couple and wanted to be right next to each other, so they had to unclaim, find a place and claim it. If they are then stuck on two different servers, I'm sure people would rage. I wish there was a way that staff could go in, find all the derelict plots and remove them so that way maybe there's a chance people could be closer together like that THEN they would have an idea of which server needs more members and set that as suggested server.
  3. How about they are faced with 9 buttons? They choose which server to be on.
    EDIT: If there is not enough residences on one server, the button become unavailable.
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  4. With the addition of a 'choose for me' button, this could work out pretty well.
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  5. While this does happen, the auto claiming solves FAR many more problems ("how do I get a residence") than it creates. 2 People trying to get a res next to each other happens far less than people not knowing how to claim a residence (even though they just did it :/)

    It also saves our older members a ton of headaches.

    When we get to the point of spreading out players, it wont be purely random, but more so implementing automatic rotation, so players joining at same time should end up on same server.