[Suggestion] Splash Zombie Virus

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  1. Hello,

    Today I would like to present to you my suggestion which will MOST likely get shot down. But here it is.

    On the zombie virus wiki page it says that these potions are used in PVP arenas. But who would be dumb enough to drink one of these if they know it gives you all the negative side-effects and regeneration is just tossed out of the window and not an effect used in PVP when consumed. here's a question, what good is a zombie virus if it has regen removed, and who would use it in PVP? That will be for contribution to answer :p

    My suggestion is make a regular zombie virus be brewed with a gunpowder and turn it into a splash potion. Or maybe combine the zombie virus into harming or poison. Then use it in PVP with the effects of the following: (NOTE: These are going to be excluded when used in PVP for the splash potion)
    • Blindness
    • Slowness
    The slowness can have slowness 2 so it can be a little easier to get away. And when splashed on a player they would give the player Hunger, Weakness, Slowness, and Nausea. And I know some people may abuse this method if it even gets approved and implemented into EMC (Which would be great...staff >_>) but I have a solution. Say if a player has 5 of them in their inventory, they get 2 of them removed and stored in their ender chest. When a player gets this happened to them the message will say
    "You are only allowed 3 of these in PVP arena's"
    And the same thing will happen in the ender chest when you try to get it in your inventory. Also I know this suggestion will get shot down quickly because of Coding and Work Work WORK for Aikar, but why even put the use of zombie viruses in PVP on the wiki page if it is practically useless? Might as well give them a use, and this suggestion will do it. Thank you guys, if I missed anything that may be a flaw let me know and I will fix it. Thank you guys,
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  2. No. Please no. Sorry, just no.
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  3. Says you from AGA, us underpowered folks need this, so honestly, would you want this if you were "Underpowered" like I am?
  4. How are you underpowered? We all have nearly the same gear.
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  5. Other than that -.-
  6. You can brew the zombie virus into any thing you want and put gunpowder to make it splash potion.
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  7. But it doesn't have the effects of the zombie virus, say if you want harming with your zombie virus, brew them together and turn them to splash, then it will only give you harming and not the 5 effects :p
  8. Thats a little over powered
  9. You sure? It is literally just harming...
  10. Then why not just using harming potions
  11. It'd be totally OP. It makes much more sense to allow the regular Zombie Virus to work in the arenas. The pros and cons are already balanced out, while you would need many changes to the item and the arenas to make the splash version fair and usable.
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  12. They don't leave a lying effect on them, it just splashed and done. No long or short lasting effect.
  13. Just wait a little for lingering potions with 1.9, I guess.
  14. Can't wait for those, but back on topic. If you weren't so OP, would you want to have the splash zombie virus?
  15. I am not any more OP than the next person.
  16. How about this, would you like to have these zombie viruses if they were added into PVP?
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  18. I double checked the part about the Wiki and it merely states that the regeneration effect is not active in the PvP arenas. If it said they got any use at all in the arenas I would have removed it, but as the page lists a fact the info will stay. :)

    As for the suggestion: I disagree. Your primary reason for suggesting this is for PvP, but I can't help but thinking that'd be a little... not necessarily overpowered. Annoying is probably a better word. I would definitely not agree that splashing nausea, harming, blindless, and whatever else is good at all.

    I can't see the reason for using this on mobs easier. They aren't affected by a bunch of the effects.

    EMC isn't based around PvP, PvP is based around EMC.

    On another note, we should not be regulating items in the PvP arenas. If you want to fill your inventory with gapples, poison, (hopefully not) zombie viruses, or dirt, you should be allowed to.
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  19. Yeah...for once I agree with ya. Regulation never stopped me xD

    And annoying, yes...with Subhan, you, and anyone else I could think of :p (Only in PVP, I don't mean it all-around)

    I did say that regeneration won't work, I read the wiki page, but the effects of the zombie virus itself don't work in the arena, so why wold anyone physically drink the zombie virus if it does nothing good or turn it into a splash potion and have nothing but the affect the potion was brewed with?