[Suggestion] Soup PvP Arena

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Soup PvP Arena?

+1 5 vote(s) 35.7%
0 2 vote(s) 14.3%
-1 7 vote(s) 50.0%
  1. A Soup PvP Arena would be really fun to see on EMC. It'd definitely add a bit of variation to PvP and if it's not too much development time I think it's a good idea.

    If you're unfamiliar with the concept of Soup PvP, eating a Mushroom Stew (eating is instant and can be done at any hunger) heals 2 hearts.

    I think this would be a good idea for a Fair Arena. One arena could be designated as a Soup PvP Arena and the only items allowed would be Fair items and Soup. I suggest Lime for this.

    I dunno, let me know what you think. Thanks!
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  2. There are pros and cons to this
    You could have a whole inven of soups and never die
    Or u could not have a lot and be slautered
  3. EmpireMC isn't a pvp server Penguin sorry my friend but this isn't needed.
  4. Yes it isn't, but he is suggesting this for the PvP arena on /smp6. :p
  5. Again, EMC isn't built upon pvp. It's an unneeded addition that Aikar and the dev team don't need to focus on.
  6. But its Fuuuun! You bein a party pooper? :p
  7. Between Empires or a addition towards pvp... I'll choose Empires.
  8. Aikar and the team doesn't simply push one thing a side just for another. He's working on Empires, yes but after Empires, remember he needs to work on other things. If we say this is a waste of time, then Empires may as be simply a waste of time. If you get where I'm going here.
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  9. Let's retrack our steps here, I might of got off the wrong metal foot. Yes I know Aikar and dev work on other things other than Empires like for example the "Quality of Life" update. I would appreciate their time spent on bigger updates than pvp.
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  10. Agreed but I know the team can't make everyone happy, but it's always nice to slaughter your buddies. :p
  11. The con you listed isn't really one at all. That concept of "pay to win" at PvP holds true in a new Soup Arena and in the normal arenas. Someone with full P4 armor and gapples will win against someone in their starter gear.
    EMC isn't a PvP server, yet we have the PvP arenas. We also have a lot of things that aren't "needed," such as mob arena, firefloor, pvp, events, special event mobs, residence groups, etc. They're just nice things to have. Not everyone will use a soup arena, same as not everyone goes to events or fights custom mobs. Doesn't stop them from happening.

    I never once said this was needed. I just said it'd be "fun."
    EMC isn't built on PvP yet there have been several huge updates to the PvP arenas in the past, both on the build side of things and on the development side of things. Remember when Fair was updated?

    Sorry, not seeing your logic here.
    You make it seem like it's one or the other. It's not, lol. "One major feature... or this minor one?" Of course the answer is the major feature.

    So besides for it being a 'waste of dev time' or "not needed" do you have a reason why it wouldn't be good to have on EMC?

    There are several planned updates to PvP, including a 1v1/duel arena. I don't see why this couldn't come as part of a big PvP update or as part of the Games server.
  12. You all are so negative. I think this would be fun to do Penguin. :)
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  13. That's what I've been trying to say :p
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  14. As I looked over your op as well as playing with insta-soup plugin in the past, I will still -1. Your Insta-healing 2 hearts, and refilling hunger with a right click. I feel as a retired pvp player, I feel like it would be almost cheating due to the fact it's "Instant"
  15. Let's just drop it... Please, this thread is becoming a drama hole (It's also filling my alerts page up too :p).
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  16. That's not cheating. That's what Soup PvP is in the first place. All players have the same advantage...
    I don't think it is... you're free to unwatch the thread though.
  17. It seems kind of boring and turns into a competition of who has the most soup. Sorry, my pet. -1
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  18. 1.9 will be bringing changes to pvp aspect. If you want to elongate fights, this will do a good job with the 1.9 pvp changes coming.
    And this so much of this, you see it in gapples too

    I'll wait for more opinions later.
  19. Really don't see what 1.9 has to do with Soup PvP. At all. I tried. I really did. I still can't see it. The goal here is not to drag out fights, it's to introduce different types of them.