(Suggestion) Soulbound Purchasable/Senior Staff service?

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  1. Not sure if anyone has ever brought this up before, but wanted to share my two cents.

    I just dug up my old Super-Sword out of my vault today, I made this thing a few months after i joined the empire (Back in 2012) and I'm not ashamed to say, I've been through a lot with this sword. Though it did spend lots of time gathering dusts in chests, It has served me well for these four years and I am attached to it somewhat.

    My question is, is it possible to make the Soulbound enchantment obtainable? I rarely take this sword out, but when i do, the fear of dying and losing it somehow haunts me constantly. I'm not going to sit here and ask for a freebie of course, and the Soulbound would have to be something very pricey (400,000-500,000r?) So as to help keep the enchantment rare and valuable, and i would think you could obtain it via staff or the empire store, for this hefty cost.

    Just a thought! I for one, would happily chuck out half a million rupees or more, for my beloved sword.
  2. This was denied awhile ago for a few reasons. One of the most prevalent being if you could add soulbound onto any sword it would diminish the value of already soulbound promos.
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  3. Ah, i can understand that. I wasn't sure if it had been brought up or not. Thanks for the info!
  4. Just a few things which might be good to know...

    If you take it out and end up swimming in lava then sure: you'll lose it. But otherwise you still have plenty of options to retrieve it. If you die and drop items then only you or your friends (see /fr help) will be able to pick 'm up in the first 8 minutes. This helps you to keep your items, even when you're with other players.

    Another problem could be finding your death point. Well: bring a compass. Better yet, bring a soulbound compass: the Empire assistant (see /assist new). The moment you die a compass will point you to your deathpoint making it very easy to find the spot again (and retrieve your stuff).

    /dlog will also work btw (showing you the coordinates) but I like the compass approach better.

    Maybe that can also help a bit?
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  5. See, i didn't know you could do that! Back in my day (meaning when i first joined four years ago) We couldn't do stuff like that, and I guess that's on me for not really keeping up with the 'times' as far as neato features! I appreciate it!
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