[SUGGESTION] SMP8 Forum Section

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  1. smp8 needs a forum section to themselves. I was thinking about this

    smp8 will have these sections: smp8 Auctions, smp8 discussion, weirdness, and misc.

    Sorry for the vagueness :p
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  2. Needs or wants? because I don't think its really needed =P

    You could just make a thread for some of them..
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  3. The /smp8 warning is funny. This is just overkill.
  4. Yeah, we got a nice yellow warning and all, but other smps would start complaining about how aikat is being unfair and demand things like there for themselves. It's really too much work for Aikar over a joke (I can't think of what to call it :p)
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  5. If that was to be added, forums for the other 9 servers would have to be added too (it wouldn't make sense to only make one for SMP8)

    This would be a lot of work for staff to maintain these 10 (!) new forums, and, as SEPTHEKID mentioned, you could just make a thread for it (just add a [SMP8] tag in the title)

    EDIT: Dufne ninja'd me! Can't type that fast on mobile :D
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  6. Aikat's being unfair to other servers. SMP5 needs a warning too:

    Empire Minecraft is not responsible for brain damage caused by connecting to SMP5. You might see excessive spam, rudeness and arguments, and people claiming their house burned down for seventeen days in a row.
    Please disconnect immediately.
  7. don't even...
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  8. If every server is going to request such messages, the joke wouldn't be funny anymore.
  9. I don't even get the hype of smp8. It's just another server, sure maybe some people on there say some funny things in chat but it's not a special server and certainly doesn't deserve special treatment. The connection warning message is already pushing it pretty far IMO.
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  10. I take it you didn't get the sarcasm in my post. :p
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  11. /res pset Sarcasm true

    Sorry my bad.
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  12. Apparently I didn't, sorry :D
  13. Truly I think each smp should have their own lure joining in any thoughts?
  14. We've added some minor things for smp8, mostly as temporary jokes.
    We aren't creating separate forums and dividing the forum community.
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  15. That could be nice, but not every smp has it's own "personality"
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  16. Nono not "Personalitys" per say but a little more about each smp like when it was created and what made it special. As for smp8 it's the most wackest one which makes it special.

    EDIT: Special in a good way
  17. Fun fact: It wasn't always. SMP2 used to be the scary place, especially at night.
  18. Not every SMP has something that makes it special, though...
  19. We already have our own section, it's called the forums.
  20. Exactly say that in smp2 lure, "Smp2 the old wacky before smp8. Players used to cringe at the horrors that were there at night"

    Not as you think PenginNub!
    "Smp9 the youngest of the 8, it has yet to unravel it's full potential"

    Double EDIT:

    He meant of making a separate part just for smp8 to post on.