[Suggestion] Skip 1.10 and go directly to 1.11?

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by ShelLuser, Sep 25, 2016.

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  1. EDIT: Ninja'd by Krysyy.

    Hi gang,

    As you might know Mojang has announced the new features in the upcoming version of Minecraft (1.11). At the time of writing EMC is at 1.9.4 and the developers are preparing to update us to 1.10.

    So now I'm wondering if it could be feasible to delay the update and move us directly to 1.11?

    I can come up with plenty of reasons why this might be a bad idea: Aikar and the devs. could already have spend plenty of time on 1.10 and it could almost ready. Also: the 1.11 snapshots which contain all new features are being released upcoming Wednesday (28th of September) but that also means it can take a while before the full version gets released (though it was pretty quick with 1.10). And when a new version gets released it's usually not a good idea to jump in right away (think about bugs).

    On the other hand I can't help wonder if EMC couldn't benefit from doing so. If we go 1.10 then it will most likely be a while before we go to 1.11. But many players (most?) will be using the latest Minecraft client. So if the server can keep up with the latest release it could be beneficial, also to attract new players and keep them (this is a guess on my end!).

    And it seems there will also be some new commands in 1.11 which I think could help the Senior Staff out a lot, now specifically hinting at the upcoming /locate command which can give you the coordinates of a specific structure. I can't help wonder if this can't help save time to set up the End portals in the wastelands.

    So yeah, figured I might as well throw this into the open :)
  2. we are already skipping 1.10
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  3. Yups, I totally overlooked her profile post. I'll ask the mods to close the thread because it's pretty useless now.
  4. Not to mention the new addition of woodland mansions. Aikar wanted to release the extended wilderness frontier with the 1.10 update.
    Just wondering if the woodland mansions would generate after the 1.10 update in the wild extension or would aikar have to wait on that until 1.11 update to allow those to generate.
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  5. Didn't refresh before I posted. lol
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