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  1. Basically, under the "My Empire" tab the "Rupee History" button could be switched too "My Rupees" where the following would be added.

    A menu allowing a player too send rupees too another play without being on the server, this menu would include a box where the sending player would enter the amount that would be sent, another box that would be optional that contained the reason, and a final box that would contain the recipients. Once the transaction is ready too be sent a window will pop-up asking the player too check over their entered values and confirm the transaction.
    (Visual Coming Soon)

    This would allow those who can not get on too pay for an auction or purchase of an item to do so on the site, and I feel it would be beneficial too everyone at one point or another, including staff who have to give a player rupees.

    If you -1 please leave a reason for doing so.
  2. This has previously been suggested, last I heard they had no plans in ever implementing this. But would be a great addition.
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  4. I'm not really in favor of this. I can see how this would make things easier, but I think it negatively affects gameplay by making it too easy, simply because it takes away the need to come online and do your things. I think planning ahead (for example with auctions) should remain a part of the game. You bid, but you also need to keep in mind that you need to go online to actually make the transaction.

    And I could imagine that with such a system many players (especially supporters) might start to skip the game more often because they could now do most of their transactions on the website. Yet less players in the game also affects the livelyhood of the servers a bit, and I don't think that's a good thing.

    Just my 2 cents of course.
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  5. You can't plan for everything. What if you bid 5 mil for an auction, the person really needs the money, then someone close to you passes away. It might not be easy to get online if you're on the other half of the country and you win.
  6. As stated before, this has been suggested and is on our list of things to add to the site.
    Closing due to repetitive suggestion.
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