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Showing Spawn Point?

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  1. So I thought of a command thing while desperately needing to find a bed I placed randomly. This command would allow players to see the location of their bed (if they've slept in one). In one command, players could see the location of their bed.

    Here are a few uses I can think of off the top of my head:
    • Returning players, finding the location of their old house
    • Lost players, who need to find their base and don't have the coordinates.
    • If you placed a bed in the wild for some reason and need to get it back.
    I don't think it's game breaking or overpowered at all. It's simply a more convenient way to remember the coordinates of your bed. It's nothing notepad or a screenshot couldn't do.

    So, here's what it does:
    • /spawnpoint - shows a player their last saved spawn location for the current server.
      • It does not set the spawnpoint itself!
    When a bed/spawn has been found:

    When no bed/spawn has been found:

    Yes, this is also the command for setting the world spawn (opped players), but that could just be removed for players without the senior staff rank. Alternatively, the command could be changed to something else, but I personally like /spawnpoint the best. Maybe /showspawn?

    Let me know what you think.
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  2. I wouldn't mind /spawnpoint remove myself... Its a pain to get a new bed and sleep in it and then destroy it. Just a preference of mine, its not a huge deal, but it makes it easier on me.(Yellow text! How much do your eyes hurt? :p)
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  3. /spawnpoint remove is a great idea! You should go suggest that. :P

    And I personally prefer a lighter shade of yellow (#ffff55), but that doesn't hurt my eyes.
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  4. You could just add it to your suggestion :p
    Great suggestion though, I would use it, as I am always forgetful about where I set my spawn.
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  5. That color is just murder.
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  6. My outpost is so inspirational xD

    I like this though. Sometimes I'm not sure if I have one or where I have one.
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  7. I hate it when people do that.
  8. I know right
  9. These colors are so annoying
  10. But in all seriousness, I think this is a great feature idea. Not sure what I think about /spawnpoint remove, but I am leaning toward yes