[SUGGESTION]Showing Health Under Name

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Good Idea?

Yes 6 vote(s) 85.7%
No 1 vote(s) 14.3%
  1. It would be cool to see other players health under their name, so if you are traveling in the wild with friends, you know when they are gunna die, or in pvp you know if you've done anything to the opponent after you hit them 200 times. This doesn't require any plugins or mods, its able to be done with /scoreboard.
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  2. +1
    /scoreboard objectives add (name of scoreboard) health
    /scoreboard objectives setdisplay belowName (name of scoreboard)
  3. the main issue is that it would be immediately asked to make it configurable, as many people prefer emc's clean and simple approach to things.

    But making it configurable would be a difficult task.
  4. What do you mean?
  5. Some people would want it off. It's hard to please everyone.
  6. Perhaps this should wait until 1.8.

  7. I don't see how it would be configurable in 1.8 though. :confused:
  8. mcmmo levels would be nice
  9. There's always damage indicator mods :p
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  10. That's a whole new level of playing minecraft. EMC is vanilla-ish with sprinkles

    MCMMO would be like adding chocolate
  11. EMC is French Vanilla, almost chocolate.
  12. some mini games would be nice to
  13. A games world is coming out soon* although it may not be the minigames you are looking for.

    *Soon in Aikar's Time
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  14. No and no. Those are not EMC's focus, and never should be. If that is what you like, there are other servers out there that would be a better fit.
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  15. If you really want it, get Damage Indicators at skydaz.com.

    Ability to hover over a mob with the crosshair and see their health (Can be turned off) (Can be modified in size)
    Popoffs off mobs when they take damage (Can be turned off) (Colors/Colurs can be changed)
    Potion effects of mob when hovering over (Can be turned off)
    Ability to show a different name when hovering a certain mob (Ex-Change "Cow" to "Mr. Cow")

    It's really good! :p:)
  16. No, that can be done already. What SkyDragon is saying is to wait for 1.8 to wait for changes coming to name tags etc., and Aikar's saying it would need to have a /off and /on command, since some players wouldn't want it.
    This has been suggested many times before, and the answer has always been no.
    No. As with MCMMO 'levels', these aren't EMC's focus.