[Suggestion] Shorten Unknown Command Response

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Shorten Unknown Command Response?

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  1. When you issue an unknown command, the server will respond with a message telling you that your command failed. The message goes on two lines, when it should go on just one.

    Thankfully there's an easy fix. I suggest changing the URL from http://wiki.emc.gs/commands to http://commands.emc.gs. It's the same link, but the smaller number of characters means the unknown command response can now fit on one line.

    It just cleans up chat a little bit.

    For comparison, here's what I'm talking about. New is on the top, old on the bottom.

    Best Minecraft Servers

    Let me know what you think. Thanks,

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  2. I don't think there's any possibility for complaint—excluding time—and I'm sure this would only take a moment to change. I enjoy clean chat.
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  3. I'll add it in soon, change is done
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