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  1. Good day Empire, hear me if ya would.
    I have been a member of emc for about 20 months, give or take a few days. Since I started playing, there have been tons of promos, which is a good thing. But... Anymore they aren't even promos, they are more like everyday items.
    I belive that something should be done about the number of custom items in our economy.
    If there were less of them, prices of things would appreciate the way that a rare item should. If you only had one or two days to claim a promo, that might limit the influx somewhat, but it isn't necessarily fair to someone who isn't able to be on. I'm not sure how everyone would feel about that, but it would be an option.
    Another option would be to keep the time of availability the same, but increase prices of promos from the empire shop exponentially. For example, the 100k items could go from 10 k to 100 k. That would curb the wealthy from stockpiling 10 sets of every promo, and limit the amount of items in circulation.
    When we get a promo, it should be rare, and it should be special. I should not have 20 sets of 100 k members gear, or 7 cupid bundles. I remember when I got my voters gear, man was that awsome. Or when I won that ore buster on auction. Now, there are auctions for 10 pots of gold, 10 dancers, you get the idea. IMO, it should not be easier to get a non vanilla custom item than it is to get a stack of iron.
    I am done with my rant now, and will listen to your comments and suggestions. Please be kind, but be honest.
    Thanks for listening. :)
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  2. +1
    This will reward the more active players
  3. -1
    This will reward the more active players

    Just kidding.
    But I really like the longer time of availability, because it gives most people a chance.
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  4. I agree with you completely I think that it should be just 2-3 days of each promo unless it is like the 100K items then I could see a week. the reason I say a little longer for the non-holiday items is that people that don't check the forums don't know there is a promo, while holiday promos are expected.
  5. Nah they are available for so long so that everyone who still plays can get 1.
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  6. I think a better idea to limiting the promo market would be ending the abaility to buy them from /shop than to make it so that people that don't play every day don't have a chance to get one. Not that I want to see that either but I don't want to see the time you can claim them by doing /promo shortened
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  7. I would suggest shortening the time they are available to be bought from /shop or tossing a limit on how many a person can purchase but keep the claiming as it is that way players that are unable to play as often still have a chance to claim at least one item for themselves.
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  8. +1 on decreasing the number of days to claim. I don't think decreasing the number of promos offered is a good idea though. It is one of the best aspects of this server to me. I believe it just seems like there are a lot right now. Prior to Halloween there was a long dry spell.
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  9. Keep in mind, I suggested raising empire shop prices of promos as well. I think the amount of DIFFERENT promos are a great thing. I think that it is way too easy for one player to get multiples of the same promo. Simply put, I don't think promo prices at the empire shop are in line with the economy. If Kryssy wants to give a promo every day of the year, I'm fine with that, but there should be a way to stop players from flooding the market with stacks of them at a time. Maybe capping how many the empire shop sells would be an option?
  10. The problem with raising the price just means that the items will be more acquirable by those who profit off of promos in the first place. Raising the price won't slow people's spam buying down by much at all, and will only make the items be worth more and more difficult to be obtained by those with less rupees
  11. This pretty much. Raising price does nothing to the investors, but drastically harms the ordinary users who want to actually use the item.

    But look at 60k items. Those still rose in value. It's not necessary for items to jump in price immediately after its no longer avail. But the idea of it being limited, means itll slowly rise as stock lowers and items are used.

    For items that are perishable, we need lots into the economy to ensure they are still around years later (outside of the promo hoarders.... cause in an item frame is same thing as not existing)

    We want healthy circulation.

    We want players who start 6 mo after the promo ends to still be able to reasonably buy one from an older player.

    By making them overall 'less' as suggested, compromises all of those desired details.

    Everything in the past has pretty healthily progressed and not seeing reason to change it. Lowering the # only helps the hoarders more and hurts those who simply want to buy one to use after missing a promo themselves.
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  12. Keep the time as it is, for reasons as mentioned by both Aikar and by neonkillah already. Another reason - some people aren't available to play MC every day of the week and may take a few days to see the release of a new promo or may not have access until a certain time and only then manage to get on and claim it.
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