[Suggestion] Shop Sign Changes

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  1. This annoys me a lot so I finally made a thread. The following changes I suggest does fit on a sign.
    Anything that says Pine > Spruce
    Darkoak Sapling > Dark Oak Sapling
    Long Grass > Grass
    Snow Cap > Snow Layer (It just seems more right)
    Pork > Raw Pork
    Cooked Beef > Steak
    Mushroom Soup > Mushroom Stew
    Gold Apple:1 > Notch Apple
    Smooth Sandston > Smooth Sandstone
    Creeper Sandsto > Etched Sandstone (Chiseled doesn't fit, etched is a good synonym)
    Nether Brick Stairs > Nether Stairs
    Nethbrick Slab > Nether Slab
    Circle Stone > Chiseled Stone (Or Etched Stone if you want to keep the word etch)
    Skull Item > Skeleton Skull
    Rails > Rail (To fit the theme with the other rails)
    Trap Door > Wooden Trapdoor (I haven't /iteminfo'd Iron Trapdoor yet)
    Hard Clay > Hardened Clay
    Daylight Detector > Daylight Sensor
    Tnt > TNT
    Iron Bucket > Bucket
    Milk Bucket > Milk (Or was this to ease confusion?)
    Snow Ball > Snowball
    Slime Ball > Slimeball
    Clay Brick > Brick (We already have Brick Block to differentiate)
    Stonebrick Slab > Stone Brick Slab
    Blue Dye > Lapis Lazuli
    Black Dye > Ink Sac

    I probably missed a few.
  2. +1 I totally agree with these. Another one is Blue Dye > Lapis Lazuli.
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  3. I like most of them, except for these:

    Long Grass > Grass
    Gold Apple:1 > Notch Apple
    Creeper Sandsto > Etched Sandstone (Chiseled doesn't fit, etched is a good synonym)
    Circle Stone > Chiseled Stone
    Daylight Detector > Daylight Sensor
    Milk Bucket > Milk
    Snow Ball > Snowball
    Slime Ball > Slimeball

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  4. Adding that to the list. Also adding the Black Dye > Ink Sac
    Can you tell me why?
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  5. I agree with PenguinDJ on most of these..
    1. I'm pretty sure "Grass" is already a block
    2. Not everyone refers to Gold Apple:1 as a Notch Apple, and could confuse some people.
    3. Sounds like a different block, don't see why it's so bad.
    4. Circle Stone is exactly what it is (it makes circles in default).
    5. It is a detector, so no idea as to why it needs to be change.
    6. The milk is in a bucket, I prefer the first.
    7. No objections, but seems trivial IMO.
    8. I've never heard of a Slimeball, and that may confuse others to think it is something it is not.
    EDIT: I learned there was an achievement menu.
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  6. Exactly that. :)
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    1. You are right on that. The shop system named Grass Block as Grass. I will add that to the list.
      Grass > Grass Block
      Long Grass > Grass
    2. The :1 is what annoys me. I named it Notch Apple because Minecraft calls it that in the Achievement menu.
    3. I just chose something that actually fits on the line. :)
    4. Well, squares. Besides, there is: Moss Stone, Cracked Stone, it only makes sense that there is Chiseled Stone. The name of the block IS Chiseled Stone Bricks.
    5. The name of the block is Daylight Sensor.
    6. I'll give you that. I was basing it off of Minecraft's name.
    7. It is the name Minecraft gave it
    8. It is the name Minecraft gave it
  7. My exact thoughts as well

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  8. Mushroom Stew... It seems so much more logical... *Looks at profile pic, doesnt know if it is mushroom or not....*
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  9. I will look into it but the reality is that any change to those names has the great potential of breaking current shop signs. So, it may not be worth updating if it is going to make player shops break.
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  10. I assume that you can't have 2 shop names for one item?
  11. We can (and in some cases where it makes sense have) add a secondary name so that two names map to same id but that leads to confusion down the road when, for example, some players have pine and some spruce for sale. So, we will look into making the list 'prettier' but are going to avoid any impacts on player shops.