[Suggestion] Shop sign-activated feature signs.

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  1. I have recently invented a complicated ticketed door that uses all kinds of timing and risks the player missing their chance to enter. Then, I thought of how nice it would be if we could just activate a tp sign when someone bought or sold an item. That way, ticketed admission could be done easily by anyone trying to create a sport or competition or even a paid event.
    My suggestion: shop signs activating tp signs.

    Also, I realize that the tp sign needs a target, but if there is any way that redstone could activate tp signs in other ways and only affect players in a certain radius (normal feature sign radius), that would also be cool (ie. tripwire, more complex redstone events).
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  2. bump. I realize no one is going to click on this since I made the title so stupid, but I would really like to see this feature added or any friendlier-than-redstone way of charging people admission.
  3. This sounds like a great idea. It'd certainly be useful for my theme park (if I ever get around to finishing it).
  4. I like, please give.
  5. How hard would this be to code? Tripwire hooks too? I'm not sure if those actions can target the way a button can...
  6. I'm making one as well :p, starting to do the parkour part of it...
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  7. Also here are the current things on feature signs:

    Feature signs have been able to work with portals EMC-377 Portals

    However, both Tripwire - and Buyable pulses have not been started or finished yet:
    EMC-344 Tripwire

    EMC-278 Pulse
  8. Thanks, so the coding doesn't exist but would be easy? Is that what I'm getting?
    I've seen portals activate them, and it seems like tripwire hooks and buy chests could share the coding of pressure plates and buttons, but I know literally nothing about coding.

    I see on the tracker it says "commonly asked for," I guess I didn't realize I could look that stuff up. Sorry :p

    What you show in that video will not teleport a person. I've used a comparator/item sorter/piston setup to reveal a button for the length of one delayed button pulse so only one person can enter my ticketed door, but it still allows some random to sneak up behind you and press the button first.
  9. in my first video there's a trap door under them - so when he/she buys - it opens the door :p
  10. Fun, but like 800 people can stand on that trap door.
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  11. It's on the to do list :)
    Might get it in here soon.
  12. :D
    While that puts all my heard piston/button door work to waste...
    Thanks Aikar. My hero.

    Activating them with more complicated redstone is impossible/too difficult, right? Like a sign that tp's/messages whoever is 2 blocks above the sign when redstone hits it?