[Suggestion] Shop displays amounth of repairs

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  1. So, when I want to sell something (for instance a shovle) it could be used a couple times but repaired again. I am a fair player, so I would not sell that shovle, but I can imagine that if some players just dont notice, or just sell it because it is not against EMC laws, a couple people will be sad beause they find out their shovle has only 1, 2 or no repairs left.
    (for the ones that dont know: everytime you repair something it will cost more xp overtime untill it will be too expensive)

    My suggestion: At shop slot signs you get that message with all the info on it, I suggest adding 'amounth of repairs' to that that displays how many times the tool has been repaired already, so a player can still look if he think it is worth it. I dont think it is hard to do in coding (but I could be wrong :p)

    Maybe there could even be an auction rule you have to list that when auctioning tools, but that could be hard because you might not know how many repairs something has had.
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  2. Repairs on every item is per player... So if you buy an item from someone who repaired it 5 times, its considered unrepaired to you.

    Type /itemhistory to see who all has ever repaired the item

    (*note this is an EMC unique feature, not Vanilla - we rewrote the Anvil cost system)
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  3. oh that is fantastic, now I dont have to worrie about buying and/or selling ;D
    Then I think this thread can be closed :)
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