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  1. Hello!

    My Idea:
    The idea, is that each server has 1 or 2 people to represent it. This means that them 2 people will discuss with others what needs to be done.

    I've seen people say that some SMP's are empty or missing something this way we can get views from them players, as we all may know not everyone use's EMC's Website, so dont inform on what they want, so these 2 people will help by asking them and things.

    Getting The Reps:
    The way we can get people to do it, is have someone that has 1 res on that server (But cant be multiple server rep) then can be put forward for a vote across that server.

    Anything Else?:
    As well, we could have an EMC Council which is like a school council, people will talk about different things. In my school we have form's which are just random groups of people for our whole school life, we choose 2 people from each form that go into the school council and say what we want. Thats what we could do with EMC.

    Comments, questions, complaints, anything is accepted I want to know what you think!
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  2. You know, it's a great idea and do not see why it should be turned down.I someday wanna be smp9's 'mascot' :p
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  3. ehhh, I'm not sure.
    For one thing, how will we decide who they will be?
    It'll need to be done fairly or cause arguments.
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  4. Just as I updated the OP
  5. Aren't we all server representatives?
  6. We are, but the server reps will then get information from the players that dont use the website (Like I said).
  7. Yeah, that is quite confusing, what do you mean by this voting?
    How would we put someone forward?
    How would we vote?
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  8. This sounds good, however ppl who do not use the website should. So if ppl want info send to the website as it is not just there for our benefit, it also provides a sorse of revenue to the server through advertisements. Although we may not take any notice of these, every view of a web page helps out EMC. So I would not be for this for this reason.

    Another thing, I have helped out many ppl and over time this can become a problem as those ppl would rather ask you to do the work for them rather then help them selves. Not every one falls into that category but a lot do, and game time is interrupted alot.
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  9. Like you vote for a new Prime Minister or something like that.

    Maybe a vote system using commands?
    /vote forward [Player] - Forwards a player to voted for
    /vote [Player] - Votes for a player. Wont work if the player isn't forwarded
    /vote reps - See's how has been put forward
    *Dont allow JackBiggin because of his alt count*
  10. Just for the record... I could have used alts to cheat at the banner contest. But I didn't.

    Does that not give me a bit of slack on that one? >.>
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  11. And you say I dont read...

    I think the idea needs work. But other than that it should be fine :)
  12. Another point to make is that the people who have the ideas and the people who use the forums can often be two seperate groups. Someone who is more in tune with the servers and knows what the majority of players want simply might not want to use the forums at all. And then, at the opposite end, there are people, (like me lol :)) who spend far more time on the forums then they do in game.
  13. I meant in terms of the voting.
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  14. You never said that.
  15. So it will be a feature for the server?
    Great, will get Aikar to add that to his list of things to do. I believe it's standing at 9001 long so far.

    And disallowing people with alts will be silly, you will be cutting off many worthy candidates.
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  16. I think he was joking
  17. You'd be surprised.
  18. No and I'll tell you why;

    What has to be discussed that effects each server individually and forces them to come together? The forums are here, most people probably don't use them because they don't want to, haha. Have an idea? Post it publicly.
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  19. If someone wants something bad enough, they will do what is needed to get to that. If someone wants something on EMC, they can put the small amount of effort into logging into the forums, and spreading their idea.