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  1. Do you spend rupees like they are nothing, and have run out of money? Do you do this often?
    I know I do!

    I came up with the idea of a server bank, here is how it would work.

    You can only deposit ammounts of 1000r at a time, and the bank has it saved to your account (Like Transit on Black Ops 2 in the bank.) Here is the catch though, it would cost 500r to withdraw money (500r per 5000r). I am always spending my money, and wish i had a place to store it w/o spending.

    Please leave your input in the comments.
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  2. Just manage your budget better :)
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  3. Haha, trust me ive tried, and have failed many times.... :mad:
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  4. SWEET!! Store money then lose it when I need something! Umm with the withdraw feed its kinda pointless... Thankfully I'm OCD. Once I get to a 5K or 10K I won't spend over that...( say I have 30K..won't get below 30K ever again (etc. 35K,40K,45K) something in me says NO DONT GO BELOW THAT NUMBER)
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  5. The idea is good, but if its ment for the ones tempted to spend rupees on overbuying things, I dont think it would stop them from withdrawing from bank at the point of weakness :p and then to feel even worse for loosing on withdraw.....

    Off topic:
    Amused, maybe you have to find a reason for yourself to collect rupees (instead of spending them)? Something thats enough important for you. Start with something small and funny, that wont take too much time and too big effort so you dont give up :D And when you manage it once/twice... you will find it beeing not that hard actually to save up.
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  6. I just waste my money on diamonds... lol
  7. thats not wasting, but placing in "diamond bank" haha.. I like that :D I do that myself lol
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  8. Diamond bank. That's a better way to think of it :p
  9. it simple, only "waste money" on things you can turn a profit off of :D
    if someone says they are selling diamonds at 20r and your rupees are burning a whole in your pocket go buy them out :D
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  10. That's exactly what i do, ecept I never get lucky enough to get 20r diamonds..
  11. I do the same thing.....
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  12. Well, I have a tip. Set money goals for yourself. Say if your at 0r start with 5k. Perhaps 3k, and once you get to your goal don't go bellow it. Its what I do. ;)
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  13. It's just like life.
    Insted of relying on a bank to help you save money, come up with budgets.
    Food budget
    Armour budget
    Potion budget
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  14. This sums it up quite well.

    As an economist, stopping you from overspending is not the function of a bank, allocating capital to those who need it is. If you really want a bank to save your money in, the New Republic will be encouraging the establishment of private banks once our Constitution has been enacted.
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  15. If this were better, it would add interest payment to your savings in the bank.
    It would be so good
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  16. Hmmm...maybe as an alternative to the daily bonus, that may work. Although when it comes to banks, a privately-owned system where interest on savings is derived from loan profits is the best model to me.
  17. Private banks in this New Republic outpost-thing should issue money made out of books and quills and are redeemable in gold ingots
  18. Actually, it'll be the Bank of the New Republic, our central bank, issuing the currency, and it shall be tied to diamonds :)
  19. It's like that for me, but only in increments of 50K.

    I hoard money... :(