[Suggestion] Selling Your Residence

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  1. Hey EMC!

    So basically I was thinking, what if eventually shop owners got sick of running there store, they've made there millions and just want to 'retire'. But of course they don't want their shop going to waste, they've spent millions investing money into it not to mention time re stocking and building, a legacy.

    So basically I think you should be able to sell your residence. For example.

    Todd_Vinton decides that he doesn't want to run his shop 2000 anymore. But there are hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars that have been put into the shop building it. He can advertise that it's for sale for lets say 2 million rupees. And let's say The_Legend4 buys it, they would agree on a price of say 1.75 million, Todd would type a command /res sell 2000, 1999 The_legend4 1750000, then The_legend4 would get a confirmation message type /res purchase 2000, 1999 1750000.

    The_legend4 would get all rights to the residence and todd would lose them. The commands are just and example, if you have any more ideas to what the commands could be comment below!

    I really hope EMC like this idea!
  2. This could be a good idea. Selling of residences is built into the "off the shelf" version of residence, but I'm not sure whether EMC has it. but this could be something cool to do, and shouldn't be too hard.
  3. I'd love to own a mega mall but would never have the time to build one

    Edit: Or skill xD
  4. These are probably some of the arguments against the suggestion though, if you think about it. Residences are more about building things yourself, and dedicating time to projects :)
  5. I wouldn't have the paitance to build one. I got the skill just missing the paitance.
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  6. Is that really an argument?
  7. Yes; allowing the sale of residences completely drives a key hook that EMC has - a medium term goal to create something - into the ground. Why would I set my self a mission to collect materials, start planning, then build something, then add to it over time when I could just pay x amount of rupees and have it (if it was a large store, not just it, but millions of potential rupees) ready for me in one moment
  8. It would be a long term investment it wouldn't be like one of those stocks that you invest in and then the next day the share booms, the owner of the mall would come up with a reasonable price and the person would first have to be in possession of that amount of rupees to buy the mall which they have earned themselves. It would take a LONG time to get your money back, and I'm not saying it would only be malls what about those people who have a good res number like 9000 and people want to build a mall on that land because of it's number (I know there is already a mall at 9000) it's not just malls they are selling.
  9. But it still applies: you're purchasing something already built for you, with no forced effort. In theory (I know not everyone would be doing it), but it's worse than creative because you're not putting ANY effort on the building in. If you spend time building something, you could be playing and having fun for a long time, if you simply save up and buy a residence, sure you might have fun saving up, but the residence will only give you fun for a couple of weeks.
  10. That's true but what about unskilled workers like me, I use my brain to get rupees not my building skills I'm a horrible builder but I can afford things because I've put hard work into gaining rupees through business and trading, buying and selling.
  11. Easy way how to sell res close to spawns, I say go for it. +1
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  12. That there is an argument for it :)
  13. But that sort of flys in the face of people building things for others on their residences. Which you do as your business. Correct?
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  14. Well I think it's an OK idea.

    As it is, people are able to 'hire' themselves out to build things for others anyway. This isn't so different. Just another buy and sell commodity.

    I see a few people not liking the idea here, but I haven't read any real reason why not. Arguing that this will mean people don't build things themselves is a moot point. Seeing as lots of people don't build stuff themselves already. They pay others to build it for them.

    If anything, I believe this will increase the amount of very cool builds in Towns. Knowing that you can build something, then sell it to someone will allow the great builders to build, sell, build, sell, build, sell. And others to save their rupees to buy the build they love.

    If EMC town WAS all about people only being able to build stuff themselves on their res, we wouldn't have 'build' flags would we?

    I think this is a good idea. Much like Towny, you can set a flag to 'sell' the residence as is.EG:
    /res set sell 3000000
    /res set nfs
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  15. I'm on the fence about this.
    Might be good,
    other hand,
    might be bad.
    So ;3
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  16. How will the shops work? Will they be deleted? Who owns whats in stock? will you need am available res? 2000 is made up of 2 res's.
  17. I've been for this idea for a long time. We can sell pretty much anything else on EMC, why not our residences? For the shop, all you would need to do is tear down all the signs and the new owner would have to put theirs up.

    Using the argument of people designing stuff for themselves, etc, all about hard work, etc - nah, doesn't hold water anymore. There have always been people who can do, and who sell to those who can't or wont.

    Selling a residence you built up into a wonderful design is no different from selling a DC of Diamonds you painstakingly hunted for. You could use the same argument about hard work and effort for either of those.

    It's contradictory with the current set up.

    You can sell that DC of diamonds you spent weeks digging and hunting for, fighting mobs for and dying for, but you can't sell your Residence you spent however long building.

    It'd also create a whole new market for EMC and right now, Aikar wants the economy to stimulate itself. This is a great way of doing that.

    "Builders Inc. - What build do you want?"
    "A shop with 'x' 'x' and 'x'"
    "Hokay, that'll be 50,000r please!"

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  19. I like the idea mostly, and it's already been said upstream that the elements of this are already available . We can buy and sell addresses and people build shops and other buildings as a service already.

    I think this would solve a few other problems. Beside the ability to build a shop or other structure without having to deal with permissions, it would allow a Supporter to re-order their residences or someone to transfer a residence to/from an alt. There are some interesting possibilities there.

    Potential problems I see have to do with it being a potentially large transaction transfer of items and blocks as well as intellectual material. I would view a sale or purchase of a Residence much like a real life house sale. If I were to buy someone's shop and they were including their inventory, for example, I would want some sort of assurance that they are not able to alter the Residence in any way once I have paid them and that everything works the way they have described. The other side to that is that the seller would need to be able to let the buyer inspect chests ahead of time and know that the items in those chests are still secure as well as try out Redstone machines, farms, and so forth. There's also the chance of disagreements if someone forgets what is on their Residence then wants it back.
  20. This is sort of done but itll be a while before its released so we can cover more political pitfalls with it and make sure its not abusable.