[Suggestion] Sell some items back to EMC Shop!

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by 5h0ckw4ve, May 7, 2013.

  1. Hello :)

    After about a month as a member here I can honestly say that I'm enjoying myself more than at any other server I've played on and I think I'll be a supporter for a long time yet.

    I was thinking about when the special items came out, I spent over 60k on them and I know other players spent a lot more than that - It must have taken a lot of money out of the economy..

    When I started off I decided to try and make some money by farming some crops, what I found was that most of the shops which bought food were fully stocked so it was a bit of a pointless exercise.

    It would be a good thing for the economy I think if some staples like wheat, melons, potatoes etc could be sold for a few rupees at the EMC shop, maybe other items too - I don't know.

    But it would generate more money in the economy, it would help new people get started and it would set a minimum price which shops could not undercut unless they grew the stuff themselves..

    ? :)
  2. 24,000,000 rupees spent on the items there! :)

    I accually like this idea. You've got my support. :)
  3. Interesting idea. But remember shop has higher prices than most player-made shops.
  4. I do like this idea, but I think it should be for new players only. Mebbe for those who are less than 3weeks in?
  5. What I'm proposing is that the EMC shop should buy mass produced items cheaply and can still sell for the same prices as now, just to give new players somewhere to sell off their produce and generate some cashflow :)
  6. You could find someone's shop that buys items. If buying items was implemented into the shop, aikar would ruin the economy, making it buy a DC for 1 rupee.
  7. If the price was that low then I doubt anybody would sell... If the price was set at a sensible level then it would surely be a good thing?
  8. Nothing in the shop is at a good price. You shouldn't expect to save money when you're at the shop.