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  1. On SMP4 at 8084, I am starting a massive farm that will sell items in bulk. I currently only have two farms set up now, and am working on a third. Here are the farms and their prices:

    Sugar Cane -
    I harvest a DC and change every time it's harvested.
    I will sell a DC at 450 and if you buy 10 or more at a time price will be 400r each.
    I do take time to accumulate stock, so in fact I will likely have to pay you DC at a time to fill your order.

    Nether Wart -
    I harvest 4 DC's every time I harvest.
    I will sell a DC at 650 and if you buy 10 or more at a time, price will be 550r each.
    This is relatively quick to accumulate, so bulk orders can be filled quickly.

    Cocoa Bean -
    I harvest about 1 Single chest every time I harvest it.
    I will sell 1 DC at 850 and if you buy 5 or more at one time, price will be 800r each.
    This is massively annoying to harvest and plant, and takes a very long time to accumulate stock, and I only have half of it set up. Regardless, if you wish to buy, it will take awhile...

    Carrot -
    I harvest about a DC per harvest.
    I will sell 1 DC at 225r and if you buy 10 or more at one time, price will be 200r each.
    This is relatively quick to accumulate, not so quick to plant. Thus orders should be filled at a reasonable pace.

    If you wish to order in bulk, please leave me a post with:
    Address (Including SMP)
    Delivery: Y/N (Delivery will cost Vault Transportation + 50r Flat Fee)
    -(You also have the option to pick-up. Specify if you will pick up!)
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  2. Waiting List:
    1. julyloveyou - 2 DC's of Netherwart - Payment Due - Pick Up

    Pick Up List:
    1. Bucky291 - 1 DC of Carrots - Payment Due + Fees - Deliver to 731/1
  3. Ooh! I will be visiting this. Good luck! :D
  4. Can I have 2 DCs of NetherWart?
  5. 1. I need your address if I'm delivering...
    1b. If not my address is smp4/8084
    2. It'll be 1300r if I don't deliver...
    3. Give me about a week because I'm not sure about my playing schedule and it does take awhile to accumulate the stock because I'm providing for someone else also.
    4. I will be PM'ing you when I am done.
  6. SMP1 921, and what do you mean if I don't deliver?
  7. Can I sell stuff to you?
  8. Can you do wheat/carrots?
  9. Depends on what your selling... I only need a few things at the moment.

    Yes, I am planning on doing carrots and wheat eventually but I believe I will do Carrots next. You're on the server so I'll let you know as i get going selling carrots.
  10. I can sell you tons of sugar cane...
  11. Ummm, No thanks - I just sold off 20 DC's and have about 5 more in storage... I really don't need any, but thanks anyways!
  12. You can pick up the goods yourself once I have PM'd you that I have it, but I do deliver. You must pay vault fees + 50r flat rate if I do in fact deliver
  13. I'll pick it up, just let me know when!
  14. Me and SilentAzn would like to make an order of 10 double chests of sugarcane. At the discounted price of 400 each which comes to an end price of 4000 rupees. Take your time with the order. :)
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  15. If possible, please take the sugarcane to res 4346. Ninja has the rupees already and we'll split the cane at his place. ^_^
  16. Alright fluffinator09's order is filled, I am currently finishing up FrozenForger's order and I will soon be on to your guys' order ninjaboy5656/SilentAzn...
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  17. Fulffinator09 - I'm waiting for your payment, I have your delivery
    FrozenForger - Paid and Delivered
    Silent/Ninja - Starting Your Order Now
    Nfell2009 - Carrots starting now, still need an offer!
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  18. SilentAzn thank you! I currently only have about a DC though, I will be on much tonight and hope to make a big dent in your order, thank you for being so patient!
  19. No problem. Ninja and I are patient people. Thank you for your effort in acquiring sugarcane for us.