[Suggestion] Sell More Blocks at the Empire Shop..

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  1. Hey EMC,

    Have you ever wanted say an all bard sided wood block for a build? or the Double Stone Slab blocks? This can go for any of those blocks that you can not obtain in Survival...

    Well Why not add it to the Empire Shop, that way it still costs a lot to obtain... and is a Rupee sink as well..


    Feel free to comment...
  2. Pretty sure this has been suggested before and we've discussed it, but overall you are asking for a non-survival block to be added in for your use in a survival game. See the issue here?
  3. If you only added blocks then it would be really cool and wouldn't necessarily affect game play. It would just add more cool stuff to build with. Besides there are already plenty of other things about the empire that are outside of survival. Such as teleporting around in a super flat world with essentially every item at my disposal thanks to rupees. Heck I can fly on utopia! I guess it just has to be determined if this is further outside of survival than we have already gone or are willing to go. I say its a good idea.
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  4. Yes, we have many aspects that are outside of survival, but they generally stick to making it easier or making things more attainable, not adding in blocks for building with that you wouldn't generally have access to in a survival world. The time that we considered/did this, they went and added them in Mojang side (talking about sponges and circle stone here). It may be more worthwhile to suggest Mojang adds in these special blocks as a crafting recipe to survival, as they did with the other blocks. The devs are putting in the effort on the action side of things, so this type of addition wouldn't be at the top of the to-do list for a while.

    Note: I'm not saying no. I'm saying that there are more important things on the docket at the moment and the special blocks really sound like something that Mojang would do, as they did with the sponge and circle stone recently. If they don't add them by the time we have open space in our to-do list, then we may at some point go ahead and add them in.
  5. I really like your suggestion but I have to agree with Krysyy on this one. And in all honesty: it's not as if we're not getting more blocks either: upcoming update: bone blocks, red netherbrick blocks, beat blocks (sorry, joking!), and on top of that all the blocks from 1.11....

    But there's more to this...

    Empire shop won't stop there. There will be nuts who are going to spread those, and there will be nuts who might pick up on it and consider it something they simply haven't discovered yet in vanilla. I could agree with promo blocks (but would that work? I dunno), but not something which could easily blurr out vanilla & EMC.

    Sorry.. but..

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  6. I hate it when people use "it's not survival so we don't want it" as an argument. If Mojang isn't going to make these cool looking blocks available in vanilla survival, then I say we should. What's the point of even making this blocks exist if you make them limited to people who know how to use commands.

    +1 to this.
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