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  1. So I was sitting around on SMP8, when I decided to do /promo to see if I missed anything, and I ended up thinking this idea/suggestion up.


    A normal promo that everyone could claim would still be released BUT there would be another promo that would not be on the /promo list, which is the secret one.

    There are several methods to go about giving out details to obtaining this:
    • Hints/Clues around each SMPs town spawn
    • Hints/Clues from staff
    • Hints/Clues on the forums
    • Hints/Clue when a person votes
    There are more that I probably didn't think of, so feel free to add any that you think would be another good method.

    Suggestions to add to this idea by other players
    • Randomized Code
    • Limited time period
    Once a player has put together all of the hints and figured out the /promo commander of the secret promo, they would be able to claim it.

    Some downsides to this idea
    • Players, once they figured out the name, could tell other people and ruin the fun.
    • Players that did not figure out the name of the promo once it has expired could be upset.
    • Extra coding could be needed to hide it from the /promo list.
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  2. Not a bad idea, but it would spread like a wildfire, maybe only be able to claim for one day?
  3. Yeah possibly have a set time period of 2-5 days and then remove it.
  4. Maybe it has a special code, so everytime someone cracks i, it will change code
  5. Sorry but I have to give this a -1. This would cause to many issues with players becoming upset and I think there would be a lot of players begging each other or staff to tell them the name of the promo.
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  6. Both of these were addressed in the OP,

    Most all changes can cause issues with players, but just because a few players may not like a change, doesn't mean it shouldn't be implemented so players who actually want to use a new feature/update can enjoy it, and those who do not can ignore the change.

    Clearly, a set of rules can be instated where you may not ask staff or another player for the name of a "secret" promo, and if so you can be punished.
  7. I realize both were addressed, I was simply stating my opinion on this suggestion.
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  8. Sorry, -1.

    I would +1 if it was set up sort of like Garry's Mod - a secret phrase gets you the achievement (in this case, a promo)
    Every new years, the secret phrase would reset and players would have all year to figure it out before it resets.

    Maybe a subtle hint would be given. If the phrase was "Anemone" the hint could be "Ocean"

    EDIT: How do we know this suggestion isn't already a thing and nobody has told us about it? HMMMMMM?
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