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  1. Ever Wanted more expanctoin for seasonal decorating ?Couldn't Find a Block That Could Reapasentatoin Of your seasonal project? I am suggesting having seasonal dirt fall can have leaves,Witer Can Have snow, and summer and spring can have other. They Could Have Fall leaves, For Winter Leafless Trees And they Could have seasonal flowers. This Could differ Empire Minecraft from other servers
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  2. what?

    EDIT: That wouldn't be possible on Empire Minecraft because the server is kind-of vanilla.
  3. Bought At Empire Shop Only
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  4. Wait, it kind of make's no since.
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  5. Only ObtianAble At Empireshop
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  6. I'm a bit confused. Can you explain further than just saying "available at the Empire Shop?" Thanks. :)
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  7. Hehe, nice photo PenguinDJ it's madagascar
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  8. Ever wanted an expansion for seasonal decorating but couldn't find a block that represents your seasonal project? I think we should have a leaf block promo for seasonal dirt fall, winter would have a snow block promo and spring and summer could have a flowers. This could make EMC more unique
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