[Suggestion] Schematic/World Download Perm

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by Elite, Aug 22, 2013.

  1. This perm will be to prevent the use of Schematica and World Downloader, unless you have permissions.

    This will be a perm where it's default set to False (except for res owner) ... if you need to give someone else perm, set it to True for them.

    This perm will help prevent:
    • Stealing personal idea or structure designs.
    • Finding hidden wild bases.
    • Cheating in mazes.
    • Cheating in scavenger hunts.
    • Finding secret areas on residences.
    • Seeing the mechanism to coded locked doors - or door mechanisms.
    • Figuring out game mechanics to exploit games or casino designs.
    • And more...
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  2. I don't think that is possible, since both mods function off of what the Minecraft client has loaded (from what I have read).
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  3. One Question. Is something like this already coded into those mods??? Because unless there is; nothing server-side can stop them from doing that
  4. I know there is a code to prevent schematica from using the 'print' function, but I don't believe there is a way to disable its use completely, as it is a client-side visual mod and the server doesn't register anything actually happening.

    From what I know of world downloader, all it does is collect the information of the chunks surrounding you and save them to a single player world. If there was a way to 'block' receiving the information, it would probably prevent you form being able to see anything in multiplayer entirely. :p
  5. Well, I use it often, but it is a bit silly, on how it would even be possible.
    EMC is a community, and a lot of people download the smp's world to get more ideas for there reses, or just explore. They CAN cheat on mazes, but, given EMC's guidelines and community, it really should not ever be something to worry about.
    Now, this is not even possible, and if it were, I would totally want this to be implemented AFTER DT because I do NOT want to wait another 6 months for them >.< There is only one thing before DT's release, and that is the tutorial... So um... Yea... I have my priorities straight xD
  6. No idea how this would become a reality. I ain't no aikar when it comes to coding but I doubt that this is a feature that would pay off or even be possible let alone extremely hard.
  7. Not many people copy each others buildings, plus like what some past people said Coding would be extremely hard.
  8. its def not possible on a technical level, but even if it was we wouldn't spend any development time on it honestly.

    Just as we don't have any rules on copying each others structures, its really not something worth policing. It should be considered a compliment :)