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  1. Hey EMC,

    Have you ever wanted to make a build, and don't want players to copy it from redstone, to shop, to storage? Anything at all?

    This Flag would allow anyone who as admin to use Schematica but, anyone without admin would be unable to. it would be the same concept as /vault.

    This flag would work like this

    /res set Schematic true/false
    /res pset Name Schematic true/false

    Please post your comments and all below.
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  2. Id use it if it was realistic. I dont think you can limit players using the schematica mod.
  3. I love the idea, but I'm not sure it's actually possible. The mod is all client side, no way to really block client side mods.
  4. That one server that no one wants to mention, has it. so i know you are able to do it.
  5. +10000 I would really love if this could be implemented into the game, this would also stop a lot of the 'false' reports for build copying. I really hope this is taken into consideration.
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  6. True that. +12
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  7. I love the idea, but it's impossible to prevent people from nabbing your structures.

    The problem is that when I walk around in the Empire my client actually downloads all the chunks (blocks/world) to my computer after which I can walk around in a local copy. This is why you sometimes can 'do' things on the server when there is some lag going on. You don't actually do those things on the server, you're doing them within the downloaded areas; within your client. Your client then uploads these "request for changes" after which the server needs to respond.

    I can proof this: go to a strangers residence and try opening the door. There's a good reason why you hear the door opening and immediately closing. Your client opens the door (which you hear) and sends that operation to the server. Which then denies the operation (depending on flags) after which the door closes again.

    This is also why mods such as World Downloader are a thing; all it basically does is store data which is already being downloaded by your client.

    So as much as I'd like to support your suggestion, and I honestly think its a good one, it's simply impossible to make this work.
  8. I'm sorry but this is a little bit stupid, most players don't use/have schematica. And even if they did it won't matter, you can't stop a schematic because it's not what other people can see its on your computer, just like when your building(you upload it and you can see it but others can't. -1
  9. ^
  10. I don't see why this is needed.
    Isn't it the best compliment you can get if someone likes your hose so much they also want to have it?
    I'm pretty sure you also saw some designs/structures on someones res or on youtube, planetminecraft etc. and build something similar.
    I explore a lot other reses and think: "yeah, this would look great in my house" etc.
    and btw. they could always copy it block by block
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  11. I don't want to sound rude but at the end of the day it's everyone to their own and I think it would be better to have the choice to allow it or not. People on the Internet and youtube give downloads as they want to share their builds/structures but some people would rather have a unique build. If they spend weeks designing something the last thing they'd want is for someone to nab their ideas for their own. That's another thing, no one gives you credit for your builds, most people take it and call it their own :p
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  12. I myself did not see a single player just copy paste a whole building or similar.
    Don't you find inspiration by exploring other reses? For some players it may be hard to design everything on their own, so it doesn't matter to me if they copy like my storrage setup or what ever.
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  13. You have to look around :p you can see it a lot and thats why I stayed. It's everyone to their own, you don't mind if your res gets copied but a lot of people do mind, if this flag is implemented into the game it will only be used by playes with schematics so it won't harm others :D
  14. I don't think this can be done because it's almost the same as world downloader, but if it could be done - I would give a +1
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  15. I really don't think it is possible? Unless there is some public api that schematica has available or codes to send the clients...
    I don't know "that one server". Feel free to send me info about it.
    But honestly, I don't think it will matter, someone could always download the world and then do a schematic.
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  16. After reviewing the information available to me. We 'could' block schematica or world downloader. But I do not believe there is anyway that we could block certain areas (such as residences). We would either block all. Or nothing.
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  17. Worlddownloader is used by many players to download (copy) their residences (yours truly included).

    I'm trying to be unbiased here (basing myself now on requests I've got to help players download their residences): I honestly think disallowing the use of world downloader (I'm assuming you're referring to placing it on the "disallowed mods" list) would be counter productive.

    Many players downloaded their own stuff (well, or got me to help them) to test / experiment with expansion in creative.

    I think more "good guys" than "bad guys" would suffer from this.

    Disclaimer: I try to be unbiased but I am a little because I also download my res. expansions from time to time using world downloader.


    But I'd definitely support a ruling which says that you can download your own residence (or ask someone to help you) but that downloading other players residences (or even EMC structures) is frowned upon. It's the same reason why I refuse to help anyone with downloading EMC structures.

    EDIT2 (sorry, I am a little slow in the weekend) :

    I'd also definitely support a ruling when downloading your own residence would turn into a Senior Staff service. Provided that the price won't be too high for newer players but still high enough so it wouldn't bother you guys too much (senior staff).
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  18. Eh. We are not going to involve ourselves with an official statement, regarding whether it is okay to download another player's residence. Mainly in my opinion because we should not state a rule which we do not plan to enforce, especially when we have no way to patrol such actions. Also, for something so vague.

    And why does world downloading need to be a senior staff service? We have no advantage which would make the process easier, compared with any other player.
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  19. theres no way to limit it without disabling use of the mod entirely, and even then people can take clever screenshots and just copy from the picture. sorry man i dont see this being viable
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  20. I don't think it should, I'm also quite happy with the way things are. I was referring to your comment about having the possibility to block it all. In that case those 2 scenario's up there might also be useful (but would cause more work).
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