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  1. Ok, so in my following year of playing on EMC, I have noticed a lot of "Help Me" threads about someone trapped or lost in the wild and they need someone to save them. Now typically, the caring people of EMC do help the person.The problem with this technique is that it takes time. Time is a big thing whilst playing on EMC or Minecraft in general.

    My solution?
    Simple. A S.O.S. message that broadcast throughout all the server. The message would state something like this:
    ||S.O.S.||Help! *Player Name* needs help in the *Wild/Nether/End* at the cords of *X= Y= Z=*
    This would allow the entire town to know throughout EMC that a person needed help in the wild/nether/end. The reason I would not include the outpost in the message is simply for the common sense of people, if it says -11,000 then they know we're to go with ease. Nice EMC gets back to its normal space in speed or frames, then it could transmit throughout all the servers.

    I thought of some possible commands that could fit it. Really it is up to the moderators, but some ideas could include /S.O.S. or /S.O.S. help! -Not good at making commands :p.

    Have I considered the problems?
    Yes, I always do when it comes to my suggestions. Some possible problems that it could cause would be...
    -Server Lag.
    -My solution? Well, whenever a program is transmitted from server to server, it always lags. Like vault for example. But now that the servers are use to it being used, it doesn't lag as much. After a while, I don't think we would have a problem.

    -My solution? A similar command to /ignore. This would allow the heartless monsters of EMC to ignore the messages. You could also select a player to ignore S.O.S. messages from. The commands would be similar to our current /ignore commands.

    Don't high jack Jack!
    Just kidding.
    Thanks, Hash98
  2. Nice idea!
  3. *Makes a "HELP ME IM STUCK THREAD" on forums*
  4. Pretty much every scenario;
    Noobs or lazy people /sos because they cant be bothered to go out in the wild for themselves.
    And across all servers? Definitely nope.
  5. Travel out into the wild, send a spam SOS message just for trolls. Maybe 1 SOS a week, and a perk for supporters only.
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  6. Perhaps /sos [playername], and you could put in a player's username that you trust, and it will not "spam" across the whole chat/server.
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  7. I remember when townchat was across the whole server and I would keep going into the wild and helping people escape.
  8. You can do the same with /tell or @
  9. But this would automatically send the coords to the person... and would be guaranteed legitimate and not troll.
  10. The problem is that everyone will think every 'dire' situation they end up in is an emergency. This, along with the fact that it could be used to spam, make /tell [awesomeperson] a much easier solution instead of giving us server wide chat commands.
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  11. Oh, you won't be "remembering" it in the future...
    I guarantee people will troll with this.
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  12. You cant guarantee legitimacy or non-troll... If they did figure out a way to do that, there would have to be a certain block limit, as in they cant use that command within X blocks of the spawn. That would require extreme coding, and I think it would just be a waste of time. If something like this happened, pressing f3 or f5, cant remember which, brings up a screen with coords on it then you could just private message somebody.
  13. Well, if they do that, just do /S.O.S ignore *playername*
  14. Perhaps, but the suggestion is to broadcast to a a server message.
    Can you ignore those?
  15. Trolling is a big factor in this.
    Simple solution.
    /SOS ignore all
  16. Yep:)
  17. But then the trolls win?
  18. Not saying we will do this yet...but to avoid spam IF it happens, we could have it cost a considerable amount of rupees to use it.
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  19. Lets say 5k as a start? It would make people think about using it so there isn't all this SOS spam