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More Rupee History Features?

Idea 1 4 vote(s) 8.9%
Idea 2 19 vote(s) 42.2%
Both 19 vote(s) 42.2%
Neither 2 vote(s) 4.4%
Undecided 1 vote(s) 2.2%
  1. So I was checking my rupees history to see if I paid someone, and I had to go back a couple pages. Thus, a suggestion was born.

    I was thinking, how about expanding what the History does under Rupees on the site.

    Idea I: In-game rupees history

    This one's pretty simple. You do /rupees history or /r history and it shows you your last few transactions.

    Idea II: Player-specific History

    Under History, you could type a player's name and it'll show you all of your transactions for that

    Just a simple little suggestion. Please answer the poll!

  2. ^Support
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  3. You just got support from wisepsn. :D
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  4. Nice and simple ideas! I am in favor of both! :)
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  5. sounds great
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  6. I've suggested Idea 1 many many many months ago... Got pushed down.
    EDIT: Found the thread: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/suggestion-new-rupee-command.17866/
  7. Idea 3 - Online(on the forum) rupees transfer
  8. All in all, it is. His idea just added another argument.
  9. Well its not the EXACT same idea i mean
  10. I like it!
  11. I like idea one, but I also think that if idea two was implanted Gold supporter+ should be able to /r history hide.
    You wont even know how many money requestes i get every single day. If they now also could do /R Histiry Faithcaster they will be like.. C'mon faith, it's only 2% of your cash and I really need those 20 millions :)
  12. 20 million rupees is 2% Of your cash? :/
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  13. Not idea 2, kinda pointless :p And a little infriging on privacy if ya ask meh

    EDIT: Just read it and it sounds better :p Yes Like it now I read properly
  14. I like both of these but instead of a player search option rather a full search option so you can find any transaction you may be looking for? Like rupees received, rupees paid, date, player, ext. Just a thought.
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